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Stuff that Aunty uses and really likes. Aunty lives a rather simple life. The biggest splurges are for whatever Apple has – Aunty is an Apple maniac.

Sometimes, it will be stuff that Aunty tried and didn’t like, but those will be on a compiled-together page of junk stuff.

Please leave comments and let Aunty know what you buy and like. We all can learn, yes? is even better than kim chee soup!

Aunty used a year ago in order to buy a cartoon rendition of herself to use on business cards, as a logo, etc.  I was looking for a hand drawn rendition since the Fiverr seller had a hand drawn self portrait on his profile.  A few weeks later, a computer generated image of something that looked like Cinderella's brown fairy godmother in a muumuu arrived (see picture on left).  Aunty was not satis ...

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LifeVantage and Protandim Review

One promise that Aunty will make is no bull shit (excuser mon francais) about things, events, and people that are recommended or reviewed.  If you check out the LifeVantage website, Protandim is the cure-all, heal-all fountain of youth; and TrueScience  anti-aging cream will make your skin beautiful, wrinkle resistant, and corrected.  This is Aunty's honest review of Protandim and the LifeVantage company pr ...

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Protandim = Fountain of Youth?

In November, 2011,  Aunty went to a Protandim meeting with a good friend and I signed up to be a distributor.  What sold me on this were the testimonies as well as the research done on the product.  I have a page on Protandim, for I, myself am a walking testimonial taking one tablet a day.  I don't have my usual cloudy vision in the morning when I just get up.  This video from PBS Healing Quest is this prod ...

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Rich Dad free training review

Went to a free 2 hour Rich Dad Education “Learn to be Rich” training recently.  The speaker was an excellent salesman - offered additional training for 3 whole days in a class that would teach everything needed to get rich with real estate investing for the bargain price of $199. I have gone through the Rich Dad seminars, beginning with the free 2 hour introductory training to the $199 (used to be $500) 3 d ...

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