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Brain freeze and the tip of my tongue

Aunty gets brain freeze when slurping up a ice cream slush float or even an icee drink.  It feels like a heavy heavy headache, which thankfully goes away after a while. Well, good pal Wandaful Woman said to put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth, and voila!  No more brain freeze. A weird one, for sure, but I'll take weird if it prevents my head from feeling like a 20 pound bowling ball. Mahalo WW! ...

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Almost like winning free miles!

Who wants almost free miles? On a recent trip to Los Angeles I had the pleasure of sitting next to a nice gentleman named Jeff who travels a lot on company business. This man was rich with miles. He carried a gold American Express card that pays 3 points per dollar spent, x for airline travel. It costs $125 per year, and he got 50,000 miles for opening the account (he waited for the deal.) Aunty has the Cos ...

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Number 1 on Cell Phones

I learned a cool trick to check my voice messages - but maybe most of you know it already. At a recent workshop, I received a rather urgent call from a hospital requiring me to call them back as soon as possible.  Because my cell phone was turned off, the call went to my voice messages. At lunch break, I turned my phone on and had several non-urgent messages  which I listened to and then deleted.  One messa ...

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The thumb and forefinger flight saga

Aunty is in Vegas right now - for a real short trip to check out some cheap condos.  The approach landing into Vegas was a bit too bouncy for me and I didn't have my usual stash of li hing mui (salted dried plum) or ginger to help, so I tried a therapy that I had heard about for motion sickness, but never tested yet. There is a little acupuncture point in the area between your thumb and forefinger, about an ...

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