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Aunty’s favorite way to fly is first class. Second favorite way is to be as comfortable as possible. Here are tips on how to pack, book rental cars, and more!

Travel packing tips

  Aunty is a late packer for flights – which is a very bad habit. Minutes before leaving the house for the airport finds me scrambling for last minute things to take, and I invariably forget something that I need, and thus have made a list of things to pack. Aunty's carryon bag is always ready to go – just needing last minute additions like makeup, charging cords, address book, cereal, snack.  Here's A ...

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Almost like winning free miles!

Who wants almost free miles? On a recent trip to Los Angeles I had the pleasure of sitting next to a nice gentleman named Jeff who travels a lot on company business. This man was rich with miles. He carried a gold American Express card that pays 3 points per dollar spent, x for airline travel. It costs $125 per year, and he got 50,000 miles for opening the account (he waited for the deal.) Aunty has the Cos ...

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Jet Lag without No Jet Lag

Aunty usually has her No Jet Lag (bought at Whole Foods, $17.99 or from, $8.99 + $7 shipping) for trips, but this time couldn't find it and left for Vegas without it, and still can't find them since I have returned. Going over isn't too bad.  After a short sleep at night in Vegas, and Aunty's typical simple breakfast of cereal and coffee, the day takes off with activities, things to see and do, g ...

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The thumb and forefinger flight saga

Aunty is in Vegas right now - for a real short trip to check out some cheap condos.  The approach landing into Vegas was a bit too bouncy for me and I didn't have my usual stash of li hing mui (salted dried plum) or ginger to help, so I tried a therapy that I had heard about for motion sickness, but never tested yet. There is a little acupuncture point in the area between your thumb and forefinger, about an ...

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More travel tips

I felt unprepared for our trip to Los Angeles recently - but the fault usually lies with me since I tend to wait until the last day to pack. I took some notes and hope it helps.  Please also check out my other pages on travel. Hawaiian Airlines now has fixed air conditioning vents that hit the seated passenger.  This constant airflow on my head causes my eyes to dry out more than normal and I get travel red ...

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