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Tips for travel to Hawaii, stays in Hawaii

Take you back

There is a song called the Molokai Slide with the lyrics, "Take me back, (take me back), back to da kine....." that the following film reminded me of.  Nostalgia for those days gone by when Hawaii was more for real than now. This was put together by a talented George Mihal (dunno who that is) and is actually color footage from 1959-1960, which is unusual for that time era since we didn't even have color tv ...

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Hawaiian good stuff to sign up for

An almost freebie News flash for those who like to get Hawaiian Miles:  Signing up for a new Hawaiian Miles credit card will get you 50,000 miles after you spend $1,000, but this is for a limited time.  Even my friend at Bank of Hawaii (who also issues this card) didn't know about it. An easy way to get this deal is to go to or click on the Hawaiian Airlines ad to the right of this colu ...

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Where to stay in Hawaii

Hawaii is an expensive place to visit.  We have wonderful hotels that can cost an arm and a leg, and some not so wonderful hotels that can cost and arm and a leg. Kamaainas (local people) are sometimes treated to hotel deals when the travel season is slow, but those deals are not available for our wonderful visitors. One site that Aunty would recommend for reasonable accommodations for kamaainas and visitor ...

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Hawaii, through a very local lens

Pal Fay has a pal Jalna who is a photographer of everything.  When I just want to enjoy something for the sheer pleasure of enjoying and taking a break, I take a look at and it transports me to the true localness of Hawaii, beautifully. Her photographs are so well done, they are delicious and habit forming.  They are also bad for my compulsive collection behavior, as Jalna and her sisters ...

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Lei time

May 1st was May Day.  May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii...(there is a song to that)..  Graduations are happening all around the State of Hawaii.  What that means is a whole lot of lei making and giving. Friend Tutu asked where I buy my flowers/leis.  I have 2 places that I frequent. Le Flowers on 2567 King Street between Kuni Island Fabrics and Siam Imports has inexpensive leis such as the braided flat ginger le ...

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