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Success is doing the things that you love to do, and not doing the things that you don’t want to do. For Aunty to have the lifestyle she wants (and Uncle for his lifestyle), we need cash flow, profits, distributions. Build your wealth so you can enjoy your life.

From “junk” to cash, with eBay or Amazon

Aunty did a post about selling on eBay a couple of years ago.  Aunty also took (paid some bucks) an eBay course from an eBay guru who was a power seller.  Truth to tell, Aunty did not use much of the information since a lot of it was for true rookies and some were for power sellers that are willing to devote all of their time loading, selling, packing, and shipping. Aunty is more of a "hobby" eBayer, sellin ...

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Your magic number for retirement

Michael Ford of the Palm Beach Letter (highly recommended) recently covered figuring out your magic number for retirement.  Aunty likes to live comfortably - but it doesn't just happen.  Most people fall into 2 categories when it comes to figuring out their retirement needs:  1) procrastinators - those that put off or don't really want to face what will be, and 2) pluckers - those that just pluck numbers ou ...

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What is YOUR Calling?

Aunty went to a HiMa (Hawaii Internet Marketing) meeting this week.  Aunty joined a few months ago - not sure why since Aunty is a non-techie, non geekie, non-social media type - but the folks that run it are super nice and they always have pizza and water, and interesting subject matter. The recent meeting was about finding our life's purpose.  What a big topic - but, what the hey, if anything, there would ...

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Raise.com = Shopping nirvana

!!!!Update added at end of this article. Ever since Aunty turned 55 almost a decade ago, Tuesdays at Ross Dress for Less became her favorite shopping excursion because they gave 10% off to seniors. Pal Jim turned Aunty on to Cardpool.com and Aunty could buy Ross (and other) gift cards at 20% savings.  However, over time, Cardpool offered less and less of a discount, and recently Ross cards, if available, we ...

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Perhaps China can make you wealthy

Recently, Aunty has been reading about the Chinese yuan (or renminbi) becoming a world reserve currency when the IMF (International Monetary Fund made up of international bankers) meets in October.   If this happens, then international trades, purchases, exchanges, etc. can be done with Chinese money.  Currently, the US dollar is the dominant trade currency, followed by Euros, English pounds, and Japanese y ...

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Get your cheap money while you can!

One of Aunty's favorite quotes is:  Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards.  (Soren Kierkegaard) To wit, there are moments in history that come upon us as surprises, but after they occur, we get a different perspective looking back and thus realize that the outcomes were predictable because of what happened prior to. The crash of 2008 A good example of this was what led to the hou ...

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Talk to strangers and get tipped

Aunty likes to talk to strangers, especially when waiting in lines or when nothing is going on. At Kozo Sushi Kahala, Aunty was next to KITV4's strikingly beautiful news anchor, Yunji deNies.  Yunji was one of the MCs at the recent Cherry Blossom Festival Ball, so not only was she kinda famous, she was also kinda connected, if you understand local da kinds. Anywho, Yunji was really nice and friendly, and sh ...

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3 Magic Words

Aunty just recently subscribed to Bug Free Mind's free trial offer - 5 chapters of the program and access to their website (after registering and logging in).   Aunty also joined as an affiliate to the program - just in case this really is what it promises to be.  A review of the program will be forthcoming, but it really does seem to be mind set changing - the first change necessary for any improvement in ...

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Speak better = Resonate!! the book by Nancy Duarte

Happy New Year!  Aunty wants to start the year blogging with some self improvement, and the ability to persuade is a good tool in anyone's belt.  Here's a book report from Aunty: The other day, Aunty was sitting next to Uncle and telling him about one of her very interesting revelations (Aunty gets revelations quite often).  In Aunty's telling of it, Uncle looked at this watch.  Aunty got ticked off and sto ...

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Lessons from a Flipper

Being part of HiREI has many benefits, and one of them is being part of the women's group, Hawaii Women Real Estate Investors (HiWIRE for short). The October HiWIRE meeting was sparsely attended with Gary DeBose as the featured speaker.  Gary has done hundreds, if not thousands of deals, most of them using other people's money and other people's talents to find/purchase/fix great real estate buys, and sell ...

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