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There are many books on the subject of success, many techniques to achieve success, many ways to become successful. Having the proper mindset for success is, to Aunty, the foundation that will make it happen.

So what if you could….

I just listened to a CD on "Your Personal Profile for Wealth - Revealed," a Raymond Aaron interview with Roger Hamilton. It was about learning what you do best - here's a link to his test. It will cost you $100, so check out his videos and site before you decide. The interview was also about making money in order to give. Wonderful concept. This isn't about giving all your personal belongings away and enter ...

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Make your tomorrow happen

Aunty really likes getting daily mentor minutes from Raymond Aaron and from time to time likes to share them with good friends.  Here's a great one: ...

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Happy Independence Day!

What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?  First thing that pops into Aunty's mind is a scene from the movie "Independence Day" as Will Smith walks away from his burning jet plane after pulverizing an alien, then shrugs with a cocky lilt to his step.  Heeeee yah! Next to pop into mind is financial freedom. What is financial freedom to you?  What if money were no object because you had enough to do whatever it is ...

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To Your Wealth, Kung Fu Style

Aunty is so thrilled to have one of Kung Fu Girl's awesome posts here.  Aunty "met" her while cruising on the internet looking for real & good financial advice and wisdom, and I now consider her a dear friend, sight unseen as yet.  Please welcome and enjoy my new young friend with one of her latest posts, and get a taste of her delightful expertise and spot on analysis here, and also on her website:  Ku ...

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Wisdom from a man who changes names

Mark Ford (fka Michael Masterson) is a wonderful writer who might have a shady past, or not.  I don't know and I really don't care because his articles are usually excellent.  His latest one is about fear. I do think fear holds us back in order to keep us safe.  However, many times it holds us back from going forward. Aunty invests.  Is it scary?  You betcha.  But I would do it again and again because it is ...

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Anyone hear of Roger Hamilton?

I know - sounds like the name of a movie star - that 007 actor Roger something. Roger Hamilton is a life guru.  Very wealthy, very wise, very spot on.  Would love for him to be our son-in-law. Anywho, thanks to Raymond Aaron's subscription, I have access to this really great interview on 8 ways to create wealth.  Download to listen or read, and grow:  Roger Hamilton interview. I usually download, import int ...

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Good one for achieving what you want

Craig Ballantine took over the reins of Early to Rise from Michael Masterson.  I thought that there was no way anyone could fill the void - but I am so pleasantly surprised to find that Craig is as good and sometimes even better at sharing and mentoring. Here is a link to a video Craig has just made about achieving your goals.  It starts off the same as most goal setting advice - write down your 10 year goa ...

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Robert Kiyosaki Boardroom minutes by Aunty

Here are some notes I took while listening to Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, along with some of their advisers at a "Boardroom Meeting" earlier this year.  He paints a grim picture, but he does (IMO) have a finger on the pulse. Cash is trash.  Savers are losers.  The economy is in the worse condition ever, and it is global. Old methods don’t work anymore - so you have to ask yourself what will work.  Because of t ...

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