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We can all have our own money tree – the more you water and plant, the more you have. However, you must be willing to till and prepare the soil (learn and learn some more), plant the seeds or seedlings (commit and take action), and water constantly (monitor, protect, stay informed.)
Here are some ways that Aunty uses to grow money, as well as lessons learned that I would like my kids, family, friends, or loved ones to learn.

Lessons from a Flipper

Being part of HiREI has many benefits, and one of them is being part of the women's group, Hawaii Women Real Estate Investors (HiWIRE for short). The October HiWIRE meeting was sparsely attended with Gary DeBose as the featured speaker.  Gary has done hundreds, if not thousands of deals, most of them using other people's money and other people's talents to find/purchase/fix great real estate buys, and sell ...

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For Young People

If you are young and starting off, get a job that you enjoy and do your best at that job - you owe that to your employer.  It is not just that they owe you a paycheck.  You owe them your best effort to earn your pay. Learn about investing.  Learn from as many people as you can at first.  Just don't buy those super expensive programs or courses.  Lots of them start off with a lot of bull and hype and tell yo ...

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Get started on eBay!

One of the best teachers to stop me from buying stuff I really don't need (doodads) is selling those unused items on eBay.  Rarely will you get what you bought - though sometimes you get pleasantly surprised - a Louis Vuitton bag that was bought for $800 actually sold for $800 on eBay with heavy bidding at the end!  Most things we have laying around will sell, but not for retail. Here's how I sell - it's no ...

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