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Success is doing the things that you love to do, and not doing the things that you don’t want to do. For Aunty to have the lifestyle she wants (and Uncle for his lifestyle), we need cash flow, profits, distributions. Build your wealth so you can enjoy your life.

Chicken or Egg?

Here's a thought for you that can hopefully change your mindset about financial well being and action: Imagine your savings, home equity, retirement funds as being eggs.  If you have your funds in stocks or mutual funds sitting in accounts, they are also eggs.  As a matter of fact, people actually call these their nest egg!  When you need to draw out from these eggs, you will have to crack them or take a bi ...

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On Commitment

This was passed out to all in attendance at the first Rich Woman seminar held here in Hawaii by Kim Kiyosaki. Kim is a wonderful inspiration - she has built up her own real estate empire, is the beloved wife of Robert, and is really really nice, and rich! Here it is: On Commitment "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative ...

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So what if you could….

I just listened to a CD on "Your Personal Profile for Wealth - Revealed," a Raymond Aaron interview with Roger Hamilton. It was about learning what you do best - here's a link to his test. It will cost you $100, so check out his videos and site before you decide. The interview was also about making money in order to give. Wonderful concept. This isn't about giving all your personal belongings away and enter ...

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Leaf and Life

While helping good friend Wanda at the Aliiolani Craft Fair this Saturday, a delightful woman named Kathy came by.  She comes to Hawaii during the fall to watch her elderly mother and relieve her sister of those duties. Being niele (nosey), Aunty saw a nice looking plastic leaf hanging out of Kathy's purse and asked about it.  Turns out to be a CVS leaf that is not available here in Hawaii (our Longs Drugs ...

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Want free Starbucks?

Aunty learned something from her youngest daughter today - or rather from a postcard that came in the mail for youngest daughter... This was a postcard for a FREE DRINK (We'll make any drink you like.)  This was given because of 15 stars (which I suppose are for separate purchases). ...

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Make your tomorrow happen

Aunty really likes getting daily mentor minutes from Raymond Aaron and from time to time likes to share them with good friends.  Here's a great one: ...

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Ross is like dessert

One of the best known discounts to mankind is senior discount Tuesdays at Ross Stores.  Anyone over the age of 55 gets 10% off on all their purchases. (See Aunty's discount pages for more discounts.) This past week, Aunty had to kill about an hour of time in Downtown, so I headed over to the Ross Store next to Long's Drugs near Fort Street Mall.  It seemed almost everything Aunty touched was what Aunty need ...

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Happy Independence Day!

What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?  First thing that pops into Aunty's mind is a scene from the movie "Independence Day" as Will Smith walks away from his burning jet plane after pulverizing an alien, then shrugs with a cocky lilt to his step.  Heeeee yah! Next to pop into mind is financial freedom. What is financial freedom to you?  What if money were no object because you had enough to do whatever it is ...

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To Your Wealth, Kung Fu Style

Aunty is so thrilled to have one of Kung Fu Girl's awesome posts here.  Aunty "met" her while cruising on the internet looking for real & good financial advice and wisdom, and I now consider her a dear friend, sight unseen as yet.  Please welcome and enjoy my new young friend with one of her latest posts, and get a taste of her delightful expertise and spot on analysis here, and also on her website:  Ku ...

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Wisdom from a man who changes names

Mark Ford (fka Michael Masterson) is a wonderful writer who might have a shady past, or not.  I don't know and I really don't care because his articles are usually excellent.  His latest one is about fear. I do think fear holds us back in order to keep us safe.  However, many times it holds us back from going forward. Aunty invests.  Is it scary?  You betcha.  But I would do it again and again because it is ...

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