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Retirement is a goal that most people do not prepare for. This is a huge mistake. Fund and grow your retirement fund NOW. What you plant today will be your harvest forever.

Your magic number for retirement

Michael Ford of the Palm Beach Letter (highly recommended) recently covered figuring out your magic number for retirement.  Aunty likes to live comfortably - but it doesn't just happen.  Most people fall into 2 categories when it comes to figuring out their retirement needs:  1) procrastinators - those that put off or don't really want to face what will be, and 2) pluckers - those that just pluck numbers ou ...

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Checkbook IRA for investing

Why use retirement funds for real estate investing? The self directed IRA is possibly the absolute best way to buy investment real estate because of its tax advantages and asset protection, with full control by you as the manager or administrator.  When you are 59 1/2 years old, distributions can be made without penalty, giving you so many options to invest with full access to funds if you need them for you ...

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Retirement planning

Young people have no clue, and I can say this because I used to be a young people. I never thought, when I was in my 20's, that I would be my mother's age.  I was just - and always just the age that I was in at the moment.  I would look at older people, even those just 15 years older than me, and disassociate with the reality that I will be their age in 15 years.  Of course it would happen someday, I though ...

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For Uncles and Aunties

If you are older (fellow Aunties and Uncles), you probably did it the way we all assumed was the right way.  You scrimped and saved and bought your own home and have been paying very high mortgage payments for the past many years.  However, you are almost all paid off, and you have a lot of equity in your home, or it is already paid off and you feel really good about that, especially since your home has gre ...

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Roll over Roth IRA!

Roth IRAs are Aunty's favorite way to save and invest.  We first put tax write-off-able funds into a SEP IRA (or regular IRA) and then converted them into a Roth IRA. Is it a good idea? Well, the February 12, 2012 issue of Forbes magazine says it is a great idea and calls it a backdoor Roth. All IRAs are good because gains (capital long or short term, dividends, interest) are allowed to grow without taxatio ...

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