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Not just about saving in a piggy bank or for a rainy day, but also about saving with discounts and deals.

Leaf and Life

While helping good friend Wanda at the Aliiolani Craft Fair this Saturday, a delightful woman named Kathy came by.  She comes to Hawaii during the fall to watch her elderly mother and relieve her sister of those duties. Being niele (nosey), Aunty saw a nice looking plastic leaf hanging out of Kathy's purse and asked about it.  Turns out to be a CVS leaf that is not available here in Hawaii (our Longs Drugs ...

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Want free Starbucks?

Aunty learned something from her youngest daughter today - or rather from a postcard that came in the mail for youngest daughter... This was a postcard for a FREE DRINK (We'll make any drink you like.)  This was given because of 15 stars (which I suppose are for separate purchases). ...

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Ross is like dessert

One of the best known discounts to mankind is senior discount Tuesdays at Ross Stores.  Anyone over the age of 55 gets 10% off on all their purchases. (See Aunty's discount pages for more discounts.) This past week, Aunty had to kill about an hour of time in Downtown, so I headed over to the Ross Store next to Long's Drugs near Fort Street Mall.  It seemed almost everything Aunty touched was what Aunty need ...

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Roll over Roth IRA!

Roth IRAs are Aunty's favorite way to save and invest.  We first put tax write-off-able funds into a SEP IRA (or regular IRA) and then converted them into a Roth IRA. Is it a good idea? Well, the February 12, 2012 issue of Forbes magazine says it is a great idea and calls it a backdoor Roth. All IRAs are good because gains (capital long or short term, dividends, interest) are allowed to grow without taxatio ...

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Just found – another website with fab discounts!

Thanks to friend Brenda, here is a website (suggest you bookmark it) that offers great discounts for places we all go to for ono kine grinds!  Choose the restaurant and print the coupon.  Some of the places I go to such as Makinochaya, Maple Garden, PF Changs. One name that always catches my eye is Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant in McCully.  Years ago, John Heckathorn reviewed the restaurant fo ...

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