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Cuts and Wounds

Anti Infection formula is a small little bottle of tincture that will send you screaming in pain upon initial contact, and then make you glad to be alive.  My kids hate and love the stuff.  The baby in the family is an aggressive soccer player.  In the middle of the high school season, she did a slide tackle to remove the ball from a player.  In the process she scraped the entire side of her right thigh and knee.  At first it looked like a scratched up mass of leg with some deep cuts in the knee.  I treated her knee cuts with Anti Infection (she screamed) and let her use the trainer’s standard treatment of ointment and light bandages.  After the first day, her knee wounds began to scab and heal.  The entire outside of her thigh was bleeding and beginning to pus.  After a week of the standard treatment not working, she was ready for the real stuff.

I must give her a lot of credit.  She was already in intense pain.  The entire skinned area was oozing pus, and she had to scrape the ointment and pus off before I would apply the Anti Infection.  I put the tincture in a small spray bottle, and sprayed the entire area.  The poor baby screamed and cried.  Anti Infection stings like crazy if the wound is infected.  If it is clean and not infected, it does not hurt at all.

Within an hour, you could see a difference.  The bleeding stopped, there wasn’t any pus, and slowly the scabbing commenced.  I would spray more on during the next few days and it was really amazing to see how quickly her scraped up leg healed.  Her deeper knee wounds which were originally treated with Anti-I had already healed within the first week.

I have used this formula every single time I get a cut or wound.  Works every time, the wounds never get infected, and the healing is complete in a very short period of time.

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