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Diamond Head in the Desert!

Being greeted at LAS

Being greeted at LAS

Aunty went to Vegas last week for her very first Road Trip!  260 miles across the Mohaje Desert took us 4 hours on highways to Los Angeles in a U-Haul truck.  It was a blessing to have #2 daughter meet and greet Aunty at the airport, and even better, to DRIVE the 260 miles that had me a bit apprehensive because of the heat (100• in the shade!) and Uncle’s dire warnings of snakes, heat stroke, getting stuck, etc.

Uncle is a very nice man, but he does tend to find the worse case scenario for any new situation – just in case we weren’t worried.

Thankfully, it was an uneventful road trip with light traffic and rather interesting scenery of expanses of land, dry brush, distant mountains and huge trucks that, for the most part, limited themselves to the right lane of Highway I-15.  Aunty would get excited whenever one of those big trucks would try to overtake other big trucks.  They reminded me of some of the scenes in Smokey and the Bandit, and wished I had one of those horn honkers that those drivers would pull as they passed each other, and was a bit disappointed that none of them honked as they passed.  But then, if they had, Aunty might have pee’d in her pants, and there was NO bathroom for miles and miles.

A little past halfway, after going up, over, and down two big mountains followed by flat land with beautiful, hazy, almost ethereal horizons of distant floating horizons, Aunty saw Diamond Head!!  It was on the left – don’t ask me north, south, east or west.  If you ask me for specific directions, I would say that it was in the opposite direction of Ewa, lol.  Aunty got a picture of it through the dirty windshield.  That was pretty cool, don’tcha think?


A look-alike Diamond Head in the Mojave Desert


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