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Face stuff that works and sells like crazy

Aunty has been busy.  See that bottle on the left?  It is changing Aunty’s life and face.

There are a few things that can sell itself.  The first one to pop into mind is a Krispy Kreme donut as it comes off hot and fresh from the production line.  Or a brand new cute puppy that licks you and then looks up at you with loving eyes.

If you’re hungry, you’re gonna buy more donuts.  If you’re lonely or a softie, you’re gonna buy the puppy.

In Aunty’s case, a week’s trial of NeriumAD on face, neck, and arm had me sold – hook, line, sinker and gaffed (Uncle’s definition of caught).

It was really curious, looking at my face after rinsing off each morning and thinking – is it really working?  Do I really have less wrinkles, less brown spots, better skin?  A black spot on my arm, in five days, had turned brown.  The deep lines on my forehead were not so deep, and there were less of them!  The brown spots on my face were still there, but somehow lighter.  It was amazing what this product did in 5 days.

This product will be going into the “Just for Aunties” page soon, for Aunty’s skin looks and feels 10 years younger.  A review will be written after more time has gone by, with before and after pictures.

Besides the awesome results of NeriumAD, the real kicker of this product is its growth potential as a business.  It is explosive.  Really.  Explosive.

Uncle and I went to a Hawaii meeting on Tuesday night.  The room was jamming. The top dogs in Hawaii talked about their journey with Nerium and how in a few short months (months!) their lives and income have changed because of the growth rate of the organization.  This product has only been around for 9 months, in Hawaii for 6 months – and it has taken Hawaii like a tsunami.  People who looked like they never sold anything in their life before are now national directors, 2 stars, etc.

That’s when Aunty and Uncle could see the potential of this – the market is so wide open for anyone willing to plop down some capital, let the info about the product out (the donut or puppy), and watch the orders fly in.

Why?  Because NeriumAD sells itself.  The before and after face improvements of real people, the super generous economic benefits of promoting this product, and the untapped market pool (because it is so new) is mind boggling.  Even Uncle got excited enough to sign up!

Aunty’s info page is another way to find out more via emails.

If you are interested in trying the product first, or are considering signing up, it can be done on Aunty’s Nerium site.  Brand Partners (aka distributors) build under Brand Partners.  Because of the way the growth is structured, placing newest distributors under other new distributors benefit everyone on our “team”. Aunty loves that team concept – the more you give, the more you get. It’s beautiful.

Sign ups, payments, orders, and delivery are all done via each member’s own website – customers and distributors alike – which makes it SO easy to do.  It doesn’t matter what State you or your customer is in, and the company is beginning to open up in other countries!

Does Aunty want you to sign up so she gets commissions, free products, qualifies for great bonuses, and can retire sooner?  You betcha!

However, Aunty also wants you to get in on an opportunity that is at the beginning stages of exponential growth – like the account with a penny that doubles the first day, then doubles the next, and so on until it is worth millions of dollars by the end of the month.  This opportunity is like buying shares of Apple Computer in the 90’s.  Very sweet.

Okay, ’nuff said.  Mahalo for letting Aunty let it out.  Aunty Nerium is now going to do her imitation of the Pointer Sisters – “I’m so excited….and I just can’t hide it…..I’m about to lose control – and I think I like it….”

(Aunty’s ad:  If you want to try Nerium risk free, Buy Nerium from Aunty at!)

(Here’s another ad – in H1:  Buy Nerium!)

(And still another, in H3:  30 day money back guarantee when you order and buy Nerium online from Aunty!)

[apologies to my readers:  I am learning about Google ranking, using H1, H2 and H3 keywords for SEO stuff.  If this works, I will let you know on my posts/updates on  Aunty’s Website section.]

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