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Gavin Tsuda’s Tactics

Gavin’s 8 steps for small business leadership was in military speak.  He has used these steps in combat and still uses them today in all aspects of his life.  Planning parties, business objectives, investing – following these 8 steps is the recipe for success.  Although these seem like “duh, I know that already” because you think you know these steps, ask yourself if you actually implement them.  If you do, you are most likely to succeed.

Step 1 is Receive the Mission.  Decide what it is you want to do, what the problem is, what your objective is.  Think about the end state.  Remember METTTC – Mission, Enemy (competition), Terrain (area, geography, place), Troops (support people), Time, and Civil Considerations (customers).

Step 2 is Issue the Warning Order.  This is a pre-announcement to subordinates that something will be happening.

Step 3 is Make a Tentative Plan.  Have 3 possible plans or course of actions, apply the “what ifs” to each, choose the best one.

Step 4 is Start the Necessary Movement.  Give initial directions, start everyone on a process.  Whenever a task is given, it is very important that everyone knows the task and the purpose of the task.  That way your team understands why and can use their own initiative to achieve the result you are wanting to achieve.

Step 5 is Reconnoiter.  This is where you do research, checking things out, doing due diligence.  Whatever is discovered will either confirm or deny your initial assessment.

Step 6 is Complete the Plan.  Have all the pieces in play.  Designate the main effort – the person or team that will actually do the leading, and the others are support.  All orders start with “The purpose of the operation is…” then explain how.  State the end state – what you want to accomplish.

Step 7 is Issue the Order.  Give commands, write it out.

Step 8 is Supervise.  If any unforeseen problems occur, you need to be there.  Always have a contingency or back up plan.

After all this is done, you and your team will have charged up the hill and planted the flag in triumph.  Keep the plans and review them, reuse them if it worked.  Learn from the mistakes.

I can see why Gavin is so respected.  He carries himself with dignity and yet is humble.  If I were in his troop, I would charge when he gives the command.

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