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Geebz – Gotta Go!

Geebz social media classAunty did a review post on a Geebz workshop.  If Aunty had to rate it comparatively to all the workshops taken, this would be ranked in the top 10% because of its freshness and relevancy to what business owners and little bloggers like Aunty needs in this fast changing world of the internet, social media, and Google.

Geebz’ presentations are really fun, fast paced, and thankfully he doesn’t read from Powerpoint slides!  It’s hard to take notes because the possibilities and different paths are opened up to us the way someone opens a door in a stuffy room and a clean wonderful breeze fills and surrounds the air around you.

Geebz will be having a workshop on mastering your online presence and utilizing mobile and tablets (i.e. iPad, smart phones) this coming Saturday, December 14 from 10:00 – 1:00 pm at the MOA Wellness Center on Queen and Kawaiahao Streets in Kakaako.  Here’s the link:

This is not a beginners workshop that teaches about how to set up a website or a business.  It is for those who have a business site or blog or Facebook business page set up and ready for explosion.  It comes at a perfect time to harness the energy of the holiday season and set up for the upcoming new year.

Aunty will be going if Uncle’s stitches are healed up better (a post for a future time).  Otherwise, Aunty will have to be Nurse Brunhilda at home.

Hope to see you there, bring your dreams with you!

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