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Aja aja! > exclamation battle cry  Fighting!  don’t give up!  One of Aunty’s favorite words from Korean dramas.

Auwe > exclamation  that’s not good, usually accompanied with a side to side shaking of the head, always said with an exclamation point.  (Pronounced ow-ay)   Auwe!  I just wen wash my car and then it wen rain!

Bodobodo > adjective (pronounced with long o for all syllables) shabby, haddit, usually refers to clothing.  Aunty likes to wear her most bodobodo clothes at home, especially when doing gardening or dirty work since they will get all dirty anyway.

Buggah > noun   it, thing, animal, him (usually only refers to men since women are above being called one buggah)   The buggah stay broke!

Haddit > adjective  not so good, busted up, had better days.  When she was in high school she was one fox but now she is all haddit.

Hamajang > adjective  messed up, funny kine.  The buggah was almost perfect and then the wind when make ’em hamajang so we couldn’t use it.

Hanabata days > adverb  hanabata actually means nose mucus and is made up of pidgin Japanese, hana for nose, and bata for “butter”.  So, you could just use the word hanabata in certain instances like “Eh, no wipe your hanabata on my tshirt!”   When it is combined with “days”, then it means the good old times, when we were much younger.   I knew her from hanabata days.

IAO > acronym  initials standing for In Aunty’s Opinion (Aunty made this one up.)

Kinda > adverb    kind of, sort of, relatively, slightly.    He was kinda cute.

Kokua > verb, sometimes noun  to help, or the act of helping.  (Pronounced ko-koo-ah)  Please kokua and donate money.

Niele > adjective  nosy, always wanting to know about everything and everyone mostly for the sake of gossip.  (Pronounced knee-eh-lay)  She is SO niele!

Olos > noun  the most sensitive and protected part of a man, his balls.  Sometimes called alas, ala-alas, or kahunas.

Ono > adjective   delicious, the degree of how delicious it was depends on how long you draw out the long “o”, i.e. OOOOOOno!   The dinner was so ono!

Oogie > description  creepy, yucky, gross, or slightly creepy, yucky, gross.  (Pronounced ou (like in (y)ou and gee like in gee whiz)   I went out with him last night, but he was kinda oogie…


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