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Google ranking

Ranking higher on Google searches is very desirable.  Every once in awhile, I would check in to update SEO because an email would arrive and say that it was overdue.  I have no clue why I was doing that, but the message made it sound like something Aunty should do on a regular basis in order to rank higher on search engines.

Aunty didn’t really realize how important search ranking was until monitoring visitors on the HonoluluAunty c-panel webpage.

What difference does your Google ranking make?

One search that used to be at the top of my “search phrase” hits was “Protandim Review”.  Protandim is a nutritional supplement that has a lot of people curious because Dr. Oz talked about it, Donnie Osmond is a spokesman, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it that has people wondering, what is Protandim and how good is it?  As a result of their search, Aunty actually had a couple of people sign up for the monthly autoship and are loving it!  Aunty makes 80¢ per month on their $40 bottle.  It’s a start, right?

However, after Chad Lamothe of updated and revised Aunty’s website, the number of visitors dropped dramatically and “Protandim Review” as the number one search phrase on Aunty’s c-panel did not appear.  The reason is that Aunty’s Protandim page on google searching had dropped from being on the first page (wonderful to be on the first page since people usually only look at links there and are less inclined to look further) to being on page 10, then 14, 15, then a week later, on page 5, and currently on page 2.  No one has signed up to buy Protandim from Aunty since.

Forget the experts

The parameters that Google uses to rank pages is kind of a mystery.  There are some rules, but then sometimes there are the exceptions, and Google is not spilling the beans.  Even the experts are baffled because Google changes and adapts the way it decides value and ranking in unexpected ways.

After a bit of research (google “how to rank higher on Google search”), Aunty played with H1, H2, H3, H4 tags not really knowing what they are on the Protandim Fountain of Youth page.  H1 is huge and a bit irritating (imo) but I think it worked, because if you google search “protandim discount”, Aunty’s site is was the first one on the first page!  It took a few days though – I guess google robots are checking out millions of sites, and busy busy busy (and then it checked again and Aunty’s page on buying Protandim at a discount is now #4 on the first page.)

Google rules

Google does own the internet.  Aunty believes that Google will continue to own the internet and more, because that company is expanding in ways that nobody else can.  They have the best and brightest employees who are paid like royalty, cash reserves that can buy or takeover anybody and anything they want, and dominance in the market that they invented.  Google+ (please join with Aunty) is going to be the better Facebook because of how users have more control over who can see what and how they can see it.   If Aunty had big bucks, Google stock (GOOG) would be the one in her stock portfolio.

Google is Aunty’s friend

This is rather exciting to Aunty.   The purpose of Aunty’s website is to share knowledge and put ideas down on “paper”.

Rather than trying to figure out how to rank higher on Google searches, changing up SEO stuff or whatever the tech talk that Aunty doesn’t understand, Aunty will just keep on learning, writing, and growing.  Aunty thinks Google will be nice to Aunty because of that.

If you have something that you want to share – recipes, thoughts, lesson, songs, products, opinions, whatever, make a website.  You can try and chase Google, or just produce content or products and Google will find you.  Make sure you sign up with Google Adsense so you can get paid if people visit you.

Always dream

Maybe one day Aunty’s website will actually be a source of passive income in addition to other sources of passive income.  Even if it doesn’t, Aunty is doing what she loves, on her own time, in her own way, in a space of nano spheres, mega pixels, and other jargon that is Greek to her.


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