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Great Gutters!

CIMG1972When our home was extended and renovated 20 years ago, our flat roof would drain via 3 openings, with most of the water diverted into the middle opening.  This resulted in water shooting out into the yard, splashing everywhere and then dripping onto awnings that took a beating.  To solve this issue was a mystery because of the velocity and volume of the water during heavy rains as well as the opening’s proximity to awnings just below.  It would take some creative figuring to make it work.

We had used a gutter man for another job site, and Aunty was not happy with the finished project and made him re-do a section.  His attitude was very poor and it was weeks before he came back to fix it to Aunty’s specifications.  He was huuhuu (upset) because he did it the way he always does gutters rather than the way we had drawn it out.  We were NOT going to have him do our home gutter because of his standard thinking, so we lived with our problem, asking people for references for a good gutter company, and not really getting any good leads.

Quality begets quality

Gary Iwane is our go-to man for carpentry and home repairs.  He has great attention to detail, resulting in excellence of workmanship as well as aesthetic appeal.  If he can’t find a piece that the project needs, he makes it himself, custom fit perfectly.  We “found” him when we had a house painted by Arasato and Sons (no longer in business, boohoo).  Alvin Arasato was also an attention to detail man with excellent results, and Gary was his man for carpentry fixes.

Gary recommended Thomas Pak of Gutter Systems Hawaii to do our gutters, and Thomas showed up quickly after a call in to him.

tpakFast, good, cheap

Thomas is a big strong man.  A fireman who does gutters.  He climbed up a steep ladder (Aunty has a fear of heights and does not do ladders), assessed the situation, and came up with a plan that was simple, small, and good looking.  He was confident that his gutters would be able to withstand the torrent of water without splashing or damage to awnings or the house.

He gave us a price that seemed too low to Aunty, but he assured us that it was enough for him since this was a small job.

He returned in a few days with a pre-made length of 6″ gutter along with downspouts, brackets, tools, and ladder.  Aunty couldn’t watch him (fear of high ladders) as he easily climbed up to the 2nd story and began working.  In a couple of hours, Thomas announced that he was done!

Clean, nice, dependable

It looked really nice  and straight.  It seemed easy enough.  We thought it would take special fittings and expensive copper gutters to do it right, but Thomas came up with a design that worked well.

The true test came a few days later – 3 days of stormy weather.  Down came the rain!  Instead of the water splashing on tiles from one awning to the next and damage to dirt, wood and plantings, ALL of the roof water funneled into the gutter and down the spout and out into the yard.

It was awesome and fun to watch.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

Sometimes Aunty will go out in the back when it rains with an umbrella and rubber slippers just to check out the gutter.  The awnings are now losing their patina of sludge, posts are newly painted with no more water damage, and we don’t have to close off the windows to prevent water from splashing into the house anymore.  Aunty feels like doing the happy dance now, every time it rains.

Aunty gives Thomas a 5 star rating on his Facebook page.

photoContact info

If you need a good gutter man, give Thomas a call.  (808) 330-1698.  IAO (in Aunty’s opinion), Gutter Systems Hawaii is the best gutter company in Hawaii!

Please tell him that Aunty says thank you, mahalo, arigatoo!


About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Musings

    Wonderful! We NEED a good gutter guy. Our gutter person was nice, but so so for workmanship. I’ll keep his name on file.

    I’ve just added you to my sidebar so people who are in my cyber family can find you. 🙂

    • Aunty

      Mahalo! I would love to reciprocate but not sure how to do that. It takes me umpteen weeks to learn a new technology trick and so far I only know how to link to my favorite websites.

      I visit Jalna’s and your website on a daily basis because you both post regularly, and so charmingly!

  • N

    Your house is so cool looking. Did you folks build it? What area is it located? No, I won’t stalk you! mahalo

    • Aunty

      Thanks N! No, we were the owner builders on the permit but we subbed everything out otherwise it would have taken forever. It’s in Kaimuki on a slope, or as realtors like to say, on the “fringe” of Kahala, lol.


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