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Hanapa’a! and Crushing it!

Well, yesterday was Friday, and pal Fay texted me, “It’s Friday, Candy Crush day!!!” and indeed it was!  I dropped off Uncle at his secret fishing spot and then started playing Candy Crush Saga with my 5 lives, alternating it with my iPad Candy Crush app that also had 5 lives.  Cleared through 2 levels, which is a very good evening because sometimes one can get stuck for days – and in Aunty’s case because of only playing on Fridays, it will be weeks.  Aunty was very happy, crushing those candies!

Then I get the call from Uncle to pick him up, and he caught 3 oio (3, 4, and 8 pounders!) for fish cake or poke and one toau ~1.5 pounds for steaming.  He was a happy man.

Now the big question, who’s going to clean the fish?  My vote is for the fisherman who caught them.



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