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How to apply Nerium AD

2013-04-14_09-33-27Aunty will put up a video on how to apply NeriumAD to your face soon when I can find a willing “model”.

Meanwhile, this is how Aunty does it:

Aunty showers at night before bedtime and washes her face with soap and water, towel drying.  Put a little water on hands and pat onto face and neck just to get the face slightly damp.  Do not make it wet.  Barely wet = damp.

Remove the little plastic “leaf” that plugs up the hole (puka).  Put 4-5 pumps on fingers and apply to face, spreading it over the entire forehead, nose, cheeks, mouth, and neck area, avoiding eyelids.  Aunty actually puts one pump on her fingers and does one cheek, then another pump to do her other cheek, one pump for her forehead, nose, etc. to cover the top part of the face, and then one last pump for the bottom part – chin, lip area, jowls.  It helps to have a headband or shower cap holding stray hairs back during this process.

Allow the NeriumAD to dry.  This takes only a few minutes and the face will feel tight – the way a mud mask feels.  The rather organic smell is natural, and some people like the smell and others do not.  Aunty tends to ignore the smell for the sake of beauty.  Don’t forget to re-insert the little plastic leaf that you first removed.  It helps to keep the product fresh.

That’s all there is to the application!  So simple, even a cave man could do it (sorry to that insurance company for borrowing your line).

In the morning, rinse off with water – Aunty prefers tepid (not cold not hot) water.  Pat dry.  Using soap and water to rinse off is okay, but the recommended way is just plain water.  It seems to work better that way.

You can now apply your sunscreen, makeup, etc. to your face.  These will tend to glide on more smoothly with Nerium usage.

Hopefully you took your “before” picture so you can take weekly or monthly “after” pictures to see the improvement.  This stuff really works – on most people, so use it, document it, and share your results!


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