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Jet Lag without No Jet Lag

Aunty usually has her No Jet Lag (bought at Whole Foods, $17.99 or from, $8.99 + $7 shipping) for trips, but this time couldn’t find it and left for Vegas without it, and still can’t find them since I have returned.

Going over isn’t too bad.  After a short sleep at night in Vegas, and Aunty’s typical simple breakfast of cereal and coffee, the day takes off with activities, things to see and do, games to play, places to eat.  Fantastic facial, maybe a manicure, and people watch.  Aunty has fun in Vegas and no time or inclination towards jet lag.

It is coming home that I need the little chewable pills.  I don’t take them during the flight (though the instructions say to chew one every 2 hours) and I take one when I first get home.

Then, I only take them when I feel really tired – usually the 2nd day home.  For Aunty, jet lag feels like she is 10 pounds heavier and tired, tired, tired.  That is when Aunty will chew a tablet, then another in 2 hours if still tired or remembers.  At the most I have chewed a tablet 4 times during the second day, maybe one tablet on the third day, and then it is all good and time zone jet lag problems have disappeared.

However, this time, because Aunty can’t find her box of No Jet Lag, she is really dragging all day today, the 2nd day home,  even after a long mid day nap.  So Aunty just ordered a new box of No Jet Lag from

That song about paving Paradise and “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” applies here.  Without that homeopathic jet lag product for the just in case, my energy level feels like a parking lot.

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