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Letter to Mr. President

2016-01-03_10-06-27There was a motorcade on 6th Avenue yesterday, several police cars, an ambulance, swat team and black SUVs.  Daughter #2 exclaimed, “It’s Obama!!” and we waved as they passed us and we spotted President Obama in one of the SUVs as it zoomed by.  This was very exciting and the closest that Aunty has ever been to a President.

Well, actually, Aunty did get to shake hands with George W. Bush in a dream at the height of his terrible reign at a black tie event that never took place.  It was a strange dream that left feelings of confusion and befuddlement – with a sense of weary resignation.

Aunty has usually voted for Democrats, though occasionally for Republicans that are independent thinkers and problem solvers such as Ross Perot and Ron Paul.  Unfortunately, these men do not fare well in the elections.  After the blunderful bid of John McCain and his VP pick of Sarah Palin, hope emerged in the youthful vigor of Obama and YES! We can.

The eve of Barack Obama’s victory was wondrous.  His inauguration was magical, as was his dance with his wife to “At Last” sung by Beyonce.

Each year, he and his family would come home to Hawaii for the holidays.  His term as President is almost over.  His head of hair is almost all white.  The responsibility of the nation weighs heavy on his strong shoulders.

IF Aunty could sit and talk story with the first island son that became the leader of the USA, and IF Aunty’s words were taken to heart, this is what Aunty would have to say:

“Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for the exhilaration of hope you gave to us and for being our leader.  I wished you could have kicked butt a bit more, but thank you also for holding back with class.

I am a list-type person and know that you are busy so please consider these as potential solutions and suggestions from an older woman who loves America and Hawaii.

  • Term limits for Senators, Representatives.  No more fat cats, secret deals and power issues.
  • Privatize some aspects of the government, i.e. the education of our children.  Start with Hawaii because our DOE is ineffective, administrative heavy, and our public school kids are not receiving an education that nurtures or provides for independent thinkers, movers, or shakers.
  • Have a round table of idea people that are ordinary citizens that can bring workable solutions and suggestions to light.  You can ask Aunty to be on board (ahem, this is a blatant self promotion, solly).
  • All bills limited to one page.  Easy to read, quick to vote on, easy to understand, no hidden agendas and compromises buried in mounds of jargon.
  • Spend as needed rather than let a budget dictate who gets what.  If you give a spoiled child a billion dollars every year, it will all get spent just to make sure that spoiled brat gets a billion dollars next year.  Hire a sharp money person to oversee and approve spending.
  • Allow individuals or corporations to donate to the Treasury on their tax returns.  This donation could be used to offset their income, which would lessen their tax burden.  These donations could be specific to a department of the government, i.e. USPS, Social Security, Welfare, Defense, etc.  This might turn out to be a win-win for the tax payer, for tax coffers, and also act as a warm and fuzzy.

If you see Governor Ige, please pass this list along to him.  He is a good man who has also inherited a lot of baggage that bogs him down.  I have an earful for him about our public schools.  At the top of the list is one requiring that all elected and/or appointed officials, State employees (especially teachers and administrators), and members of the Board of Education send their precious children to public schools in their district.  They need to have some skin in the game before we get any meaningful improvement in learning conditions around the State.

Thank you for being present and caring.  Welcome home, we are so proud of you.

With aloha,

Honolulu Aunty”

About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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