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LifeVantage and Protandim Review

One promise that Aunty will make is no bull shit (excuser mon francais) about things, events, and people that are recommended or reviewed.  If you check out the LifeVantage website, Protandim is the cure-all, heal-all fountain of youth; and TrueScience  anti-aging cream will make your skin beautiful, wrinkle resistant, and corrected.  This is Aunty’s honest review of Protandim and the LifeVantage company products and business.  However, the standard disclaimer must also kick in, so please note that Aunty is not a medical, financial, or any other kind of licensed expert so what works for Aunty may or may not work for you, and vice versa.

UPDATE:  Aunty has been “terminated” as a distributor.  Review still valid, iao.

First, TrueScience cream

It smells wonderful, goes on easily and feels good.  It is quite pricey – at $70 per bottle plus shipping and tax.  Aunty tried it on just one half of her face to see if there was a visible difference (like the Nu-skin demo which is quite dramatic) for the first month.  There was a difference, especially since Aunty doesn’t normally put any type of skin cream on so any product would have helped.  My skin felt moisturized and soft but other than feeling softer, no visible difference.  In fact, I looked more tanned and yellower, if that makes sense.

The next month, Aunty started putting it on her whole face, twice a day.  A little went a long way and the smell was still wonderful – kind of fruity, reminding me of one of Estee Lauder’s expensive creams that I used to try as a sample.  In that 2nd trial month, a bunch of us high school friends went to Vegas and I really noticed that my eyes felt super dry and rather irritated.  I used eye drops morning, noon and night, but still no relief.

While in Vegas, I went to the bestest spa at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and saw the bestest facial therapist Elaine to get the bestest skin brightening facial.  Pure bliss.  I bought an $84 tiny bottle of Skinceuticals eye cream there, because at my age, my face and eye area needs help.  [note:  haven’t been using the eye cream recently because I am using NeriumAD for my wrinkles and skintone at night and the two products are too opposing, imo.]

My eyes continued to be irritated and dry and for weeks after the Vegas trip, so I kept using eyedrops, to no avail.

I then decided to stop using the eye cream, and also TrueScience cream.  In less than 24 hours, my eyes felt normal.  Wonderfully normal.  I was allergic to either the eye cream or TrueScience, or both.  After doing some testing of this and not that, and that and not this, I discovered that I had a reaction to the TrueScience cream, most likely because of that wonderful scent.

So I stopped using TrueScience anti-aging cream altogether.  I miss it because it felt good on.  It was a light lotion, with an easy to use pump bottle, easy to apply, and it did make my skin feel soft and smooth.  I do believe that it is a good product, but until the unscented version rolls out (hopefully), it is not good for Aunty.

And Now for Protandim

Before I started taking Protandim, I had a standard blood test done at Clinical Laboratory.  My cholesterol levels were borderline high as well as my glucose levels.  Bone density test was very poor and of concern enough that my doctor recommend that I start on Fosomax (which I refused and use Strontium instead).  My energy level was low during the day, many times I felt great fatigue in the afternoon even while driving and wanted to just lie down and sleep.

I felt “old” and getting older.  My ability to concentrate and continue the regular and mundane tasks of accounting, paperwork, investing, learning, shopping, organizing, etc. was beginning to feel overwhelming and I worried constantly about what I was forgetting.  I almost dreaded going to TaiChi classes because of my inability to remember how to do the steps, even though I have been going to the same class for over 2 years.  My average brain age on the brain test was about 34, occasionally 28, and sometimes 38 or higher if I was tired or it was late at night.  I woke up everyday very tired, with stiff hands and a cloudiness over my eyes, which cleared up after about 10 minutes.  I had some knee stiffness and pain, but it was not bad enough for me to take anything for it.

The experiment

Day 1.  I began taking one Protandim tablet once a day around noon from October 1, 2011.

Day 2.  I felt a bit yucky.  So did Uncle.  My nose was a bit runny for about a week, which is unusual since didn’t have a cold.

Day 3.  When I awoke, my eyes were clear.  The normal cloudiness of vision was gone.  Quite amazing.  Every morning from this point on, I wake up and can clearly see the time on the clock without any blurry vision (though I still need reading glasses).

Week 2.  Usually when I eat eggplant (in the nightshade family of veggies) my hands are extra stiff and sore in the morning.  This morning, after having eaten spicy garlic eggplant (yum yum),  my hands felt normal.  No stiffness.  No soreness.

Month 2.  I feel sharper, don’t have brain fog anymore.  Even though I had missed weeks of TaiChi – my memory for the steps was far better than every before.  My sensei Virginia commented on it – she expected me to have forgotten everything after such a long absence.

I stopped inputting into my journal after month #2.  Not because I forgot to.  It was because I was “sold” on Protandim.  It was working wonderfully for me and it is hard to report about nothingness (the state of not having issues).

Currently.  I feel more energized.  I wake up without feeling groggy or tired (quite amazing).  I very rarely need naps anymore.  My eyes have remained clear.  I continue to do many different tasks and do not feel overwhelmed.  My mental capacity seems to be sharp – I don’t feel like I am “losing” it and I am getting more done (except for my clutter).  In fact, I am taking on more busy-ness nowadays, and able to handle the mental and physical chores of additional responsibilities without the usual fatigue and stress I used to have.

My average brain age on the brain test is now 26.  Many times I score 23 when I am in the zone (more often than not), and the worst that I do nowadays is 28.

My fingernails seem stronger and are getting longer without cracking.  There is a horizontal ridgeline on my nails that would correspond to 6 months ago when I started taking Protandim.  Much to Uncle’s happiness, I also feel sexier and clothes look better on me.

The occasional pain in my knees have seemed to be gone.  The absence of pain is not as noticeable as the presence of pain.  It is quite a nice feeling.


Uncle is neither a believer or a non believer at this point.  He doesn’t take Protandim everyday, only when he remembers, and in the beginning would not take it for weeks at a time.

From Aunty’s rather biased viewpoint, he seems to complain of his chronic back pain much less, and he gets out of bed easily rather than heavily.  He still forgets his cell phone at home in the morning at least once a week – which drives me nuts because it rings (with a rather loud tango score) quite often for his service and business calls.

He feels less flabby to me, or maybe that is because my eyes are clearer and my nails are longer.

He went to a meeting with me because he was curious to hear what others thought and felt, and now he is quite taken with the product and talks about it to people he knows because of the testimonials he has heard and his skeptical recognition of feeling better.

He has also just started drinking Amway water and wearing a balance necklace and bracelet and says he feels good.  With Uncle, it is hard to say what is making him feel good right now because of the multitude of things he has on or is ingesting.  [note:  Uncle ran out of the Amway water and has stopped drinking it.  Thank goodness because that was rather expensive water and there hasn’t been any difference in how he feels since its termination.  He only wears his balance necklace when he feels like it.  It looks a bit like jewelry on him – looks nice, actually.]

How to benefit

Try it.

For those who just want the product, the best way to order is to become a preferred customer.  By going to a distributor website (provided for distributors by the company) and selecting “shop” or “sign up”, you will be directed to a order page.  Choosing the “Preferred Customer” option after placing an order will give you the best price and put you in the auto ship mode, which can be cancelled quite easily with a phone call or email at anytime.

Two* One new PC (Preferred Customer) programs has begun recently. 

As a PC, if you have a continuous auto ship of Protandim, after each 6 months you will receive a free bottle of the TrueScience Anti-Aging creme.  Nice!  That is a $70 value.  If you are getting the TrueScience creme for 6 months, you will get a free bottle of Protandim, $40 value.  Not bad, but the other way is a better deal.  If you are receiving both Protandim and TrueScience creme for 6 months, you get a free bottle of Protandim.  Not as good a deal, so a better way would be to split the order and have your roommate or somebody else be a PC under you.

The other new PC program is rather exciting too.  If you, as a PC, sign up another person to be a PC on autoship (i.e. your roommate), you will get a credit of 25% of their order on the next month.  You could sign up a lot of people and get up to $120 of credit every month!  That is a pretty sweet deal.  You and they will also get the free Protandim or TrueScience creme after every 6 continuous months of autoship – sweet!

*(I am very disappointed in the Lifevantage company because of the fickle nature of the first promotion being initiated in November 2011, and then dropped 7 months later in June 2012.  As a distributor, Aunty apologizes to anyone who signed up and now is not able to get their free product.  

Because of this dropped promotion, Aunty’s opinion of LifeVantage is that the product Protandim is excellent, but the company is not.  Policy changes that affect distributors are understandable though unwelcome.  Policy changes that affect customers negatively are irresponsible and a reflection of bad management decisions.  However, for new customers and distributors, what happened in the past has already happened, and so forgive Aunty for venting here.)

[There was a recall for certain lots of Protandim so if you bought Protandim from Aunty or anyone else, please let us know, asap.  We can get you your free replacement bottles.  Aunty has contacted her customers and several do have partial bottles of the affected lot, which are being replaced.  Buy Protandim with confidence from this point forward since the company has identified the third party source of the affected ingredient and corrected the issue.][[February 2012 update:  more recalls for older stock has been announced.  Please see the recall for Protandim page for updated specifics.]]  The company has come out with this statement regarding the recalled products:  “After consulting with medical experts, we believe that these materials pose no serious risk to consumers’ health.  Furthermore, the Company has not received any report of a health problem related to this issue.”

Canine Health

Aunty was very excited to find out that the company was coming out with Protandim for dogs.  We have 2 big dogs who are getting older and slower in getting up.  We were giving our two dogs 1/2 tablet of Protandim in their food.  They are perkier, the tumors on their backs are shrinking, and they have much more energy since we got them on the product.  We also give them those glucosamine tablets for dogs from Trader Joes (big bottle and cheap!)

In February 2013, the Canine Health tablets were released, and Aunty immediately ordered a bottle for the doggies.  It cost $25 – which I thought was reasonable enough for our doggies’ health, and it was chicken/liver flavored so the doggies would like to eat it (rather than Protandim which was not good tasting – especially for picky dogs).

It received a rather small bottle, with 30 disc shaped chews, about 5/8″ in diameter.  Smelled okay.  One bottle would last a month for one dog, right?  WRONG, unless you have small little doggies.  It would take 3 discs per day for our larger dogs – which means the Canine Health would last only 10 days for 1 dog, and in our case, 5 days for 2 dogs.  For a month’s supply, we would have to order 6 bottles per month = $150 on auto shipment, every month, or $75 per month per dog.

Does it work for dogs?  I dunno and probably won’t know since it is too expensive for our big dogs, imo.  For now, Aunty will continue to smash up 1/2 tablet of Protandim and give it to them with their food.  They may not like the taste of it, but they woof down their food so fast, they get it into their system anyway.

The Canine Health tablets will be used as occasional treats.  Expensive, occasional treats that are good for them.

The business of Protandim

LifeVantage offers a lot of different ways to earn income as a distributor.  The best way to learn about it is to go to a meeting.  Meetings are held all over the nation and can be found on the website.  Choose your State and current or future month, and the meetings by area pop up.  Some meetings are great for people wanting to learn about the product and its business opportunities.  Some meetings are geared toward distributors.  This video which highlights an ABC Primetime episode several years ago is the company’s biggest marketing tool:

VIDEO DELETED – Aunty warned not to use LifeVantage related content or else ???. 

This is a multi-level marketing business.  Aunty has been involved in a few other MLMs, but they were too labor intensive and pushy.  LifeVantage’s compensation plan is simple and rewards those who are willing and able to promote the benefits of the product and/or the business.  Having your own info and sales page website: where people can browse for information and sign up as a distributor or customer on their own takes most of the responsibility of ordering, receiving and delivering off of Aunty’s back and automates the process easily.

There are a lot of good people at LifeVantage meetings.  Anna Umemura and Donna Mercado Kim (State Legislator) are gracious hosts and uplines that keep us in the loop.  Donna goes the extra mile in researching and digging into the complaints and issues about the product and company because her public image and integrity are on the line.  Anna gives so much to her distributors by coordinating monthly Premier Schools with top company distributors.  The message is to push, push, push and you too will be on top.

My girlfriend Cookie is a pit bull in human form and is the one who head locked me into this company.  However, I am glad for that because the product works well for me.

The publicly traded stock LFVN makes for a strange bedfellow

The stock (LFVN) was at 20¢ last year, rose to $1.35, then steeply climbed to $4 recently.  It has since retracted to the $3 range* and holding around that price.  *note this was in November of 2012.  LifeVantage is now listed on the Nasdaq.

Recently, after the recall of Protandim in December 2012, the stock price dropped from ~$2.85 to a low of $1.80 and in January 2013, it began been rising again.  This is a contradiction to what makes sense.  With the thousands of replacements for the recall of Protandim, as well as the customer base dropping out because of it (Aunty can attest to losing customers), the profit margin of LifeVantage has to take a major hit.  One factor that has not hit the company’s bottom line yet could be how slow LifeVantage is replacing bottles, since it has been over a month, and Aunty has yet to receive her replacements.  Perhaps the bottom line has not hit the stock price of LifeVantage – yet.

As of January 18, 2013, the stock LFVN has risen to $3 and seems to want to go higher.  This, even in light of the recalls and many of her customers dropping out of their autoship orders because they now have replacement bottles or are scared because of the recall.  However, the company just recently announced that they are expanding in Japan (they have been there already for years) and this might have excited stock buyers.

In picking stocks, Aunty is spot on in choosing the WRONG way, so maybe it is a good thing to do the opposite of what Aunty thinks.  With LFVN though, it is like walking on jello, imo.  The company had a recall of Protandim on December 5, 2012.  The stock priced dropped.  The company announced on December 14, 2012 that it would be repurchasing $5 million in stocks to “improve their balance sheet and invest in future expansion opportunities”.  Aunty sold her shares at a loss, and now it seems the stock price is going up (see – do the opposite of Aunty).

The dark side of LifeVantage

Because of how well Protandim works for Aunty’s well being,  I am a bit torn between a promoter or a whistle blower about LifeVantage.

There are skeletons in the closet of Protandim’s history.  Google search, and you will find  some rather underhanded mistruths about some of the key players in this company.  However, for Aunty, the product works wonderfully in spite of the skeletons.

Number one son says that the 5 ingredients can be bought for less than $2 per month, and that may be true, but having the convenience of a tablet to swallow once a day rather than 5 dabs of this or that each day justifies paying $40 for a bottle.  Rip off?  It depends on who you talk to.

Aunty does not get a cost break in getting her monthly product, though her preferred customers can get their monthly order for free or discounted if they sign people up as preferred customers under themselves.  Go figure – that is a policy that does not encourage distributor growth.  So if you ask Aunty about the best way to buy the product, Aunty would say to become a preferred customer on auto ship rather than pay over $600 for a distributorship (comes with bottles), and sign people up under yourself as customers in order to get your product for free or at a discount.   As a preferred customer, you will not make commissions, but you will be able to have zero cost for product.

Currently, Aunty makes about $50/month in commissions, which is used to pay for a monthly bottle of Protandim ($45 after shipping and tax).  Breaking even is okay, but not great business.  [update, now Aunty makes nada.]

If you want to enroll as a distributor in order to make a decent living at it, I would say to look at Nerium International instead.  The philosophies of the two companies are so different.  It is easier to advance and make income with Nerium not just because of the growth potential of this new company with a dynamic beauty product, but because of the heart of the company, founder Jeff Olson.

In Summary

Aunty could sell bags and bags of kakimochi (rice crackers that smell) door to door when she was a Brownie because she wanted to be top dog in sales for her troop (achieved).   If Aunty really put her time and effort into it, she could be a top dog in the very lucrative business opportunities of LifeVantage.  The success stories of some distributors are inspirational.

However, Aunty has not been impressed with the business opportunity of LifeVantage, especially compared to Nerium International.  I believe it is because the top echelon of the companies have very different philosophies from each other as well as very different backgrounds and expertise.  Aunty will continue to be a distributor for LifeVantage because the benefits and improvements that Aunty has experienced and continues to experience have made Aunty a living testimonial to the product of Protandim.

If you see Aunty in person and are curious about the products, ask about it and Aunty will give you some samples.

Good health, great wealth, and blessings for which you are eternally grateful is Aunty’s wish for you.

[Aunty’s disclaimer:  This is not a cheap product – it can’t be because of the commissions and multi-levelness of the distributor structure (kind of a Catch 22).  This product works wonders on some people, and not on others.  That being said, Aunty thinks she has gained an extra 10 years of youth and will continue to take Protandim forever. ]

[note about Protandim/LifeVantage:  Aunty doesn’t take Protandim anymore.  LifeVantage told Aunty that she had to remove anything related to LifeVantage from her website so Aunty removed most of it, except for Aunty’s review.  Not good enough for LifeVantage so they have dropped Aunty as a distributor and foolishly (in Aunty’s opinion) also stopped Aunty’s monthly $45 Protandim shipment.  Ah well, such is life.  Aunty has moved on and now takes a capsule of Curcumin daily and feels as good or better.]

About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Annie

    After watching dramatic recoveries of dogs on LifeAdvantage who looked ready to be put down on YouTube, I ordered Protandim for me and my pups from Amazon. Not sure why anyone would sign up with a MLM group when it’s so easy to get otherwise.

  • Brady

    Hey there Aunty,

    Just wondering were you been and how MLM is treating you these days. I just started as a distrubuter for lifevantage beacause of my personal reactions to protandim and axio. Hope all is well enjoyed reading your blog here and on other sites. Eager to hear were you are at in life.

    Best Regards,
    Brady Peterson

    • Aunty

      Aloha Brady,

      I am doing fine but not very active in MLMs anymore. With Nerium, I am on low profile auto pilot – not pushing for growth but keeping up to date with updates and upcoming openings in other countries. Nerium is a very fine company with very good products.
      With Lifevantage, I am out. I don’t think they liked my review of the company and was told that I was not in compliance with my website promotion, though I asked how/what I need to do to be compliant and did not get any specific answers, so they dropped me. Unfortunately they also dropped my monthly auto ship orders so I have been without Protandim for over 2 years. Fortunately though, I have not regressed and my brain fog, cloudiness of eyes, pain in hands have not returned. That is the beauty of natural supplements – they can actually make you well.
      I hope that you do well as a distributor. It is a good product.


  • Janie armstrong

    i just started taking protandim -2days now I am hoping it helps. I have a question-I take a low dose of prozac for depression. I was told that protandim should not interfere with prozac effectiveness. Does anyone have any info on this. Also can I lose belly fat while using protandim. I enjoyed Aunty,s comments. Thanks Janie in Texas

    • Janie armstrong

      Also can protandim help to improve hearing or do I need to order a better hearing vit anime thanks Janie in tx

      • Aunty

        Aloha Janie,

        Not sure if Protandim can help. The 5 herbs in it are good stuff and since herbs are not drugs, their interaction with your medication is unknown.

        I don’t get Protandim anymore – and the good thing is that I didn’t have regression in my health after stopping. I do take daily supplements of curcumin, one of the ingredients in Protandim to help my brain health as well as pain in my joints.

        I got on a really good intestinal cleanse using Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula and my tummy shrank! It was old crap that needed to come out, and come out it did! (sorry, too much information)

        Here’s an interesting story about a psychiatrist that I know. He is known to be a drug dispenser – writes prescriptions for drug medications constantly for all his patients. Once he was asked what he would do if he had a mental disorder. He thought about it, then revealed that he would go away to a clinic that treats patients with nutrition and therapy.

        Good luck with your health issues, Aunty wishes you well.

    • Aunty

      How’s the Protandim working for you? I used to have a pop belly, and exercise, eating less, etc. worked a little but the pop belly was still there. Ever since I really cleaned out my colon with Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 (I went and sat on the toilet a LOT), my pop belly is gone. One could say I was full of it – before.

  • Tom

    Dear Aunty,

    Thank you for sharing your experience on PROTANDIM. I can’t wait to receive my order as a new PC. I have been reading both pros and cons about this product and yours was the most helpful. It was about the product and its results rather than on studies and research. The bottomiline is that I hope it works for me. If it works, I will continue to take it.

    God bless you and Uncle in your Golden years….


  • Nancy

    Dear aunty,

    I am a 56-year old woman. My 87-year old mother still has beautiful skin and I have been fortunate to seemingly have inherited her genes. I do not have sensitive skin, can put just about anything on my skin. Have had no periods of breakouts, even during adolescent. But about a year ago, I noticed some strange, reddish and raised spots under my left eye. They didnt go away so last summer I went to a dermatologist. He was clueless although said it didn’t look dangerous. So I set about trying to “treat” it myself, I ordered some more of the LifeScience anti-aging cream. Yes, that’s it. In the summer of 2013, I had ordered and started using this product. It lasted about 5 months. Then I ran out and didn’t order more since I didn’t notice any great improvement in my skin. I did however notice this these strange bumps that had erupted but at that time, did not know they wouldn’t go away. And didn’t connect it to such a “wonderful” product like the anti-aging cream. My skin has never reacted to products.

    Anyway, this summer I ordered another bottle plus the cleanser, particularly because of these spots. . Funny thing is, I started to get little reddish bumps under my right eye–a lot of them. Honestly, I still did not connect that the protandim cream could be the problem. Although it still didn’t seem to be helping. I started getting bumps on my face. And remember, they are raised and don’t go away. (I have a very light and pretty smooth complexion. Even if I wear makeup to cover up these bumps, I still have “shadows”.) I’ve questioned all sorts of things, my makeup, mascara, creams, none of which I’ve ever had a problem with. I never even suspected this protandim product. In the meantime, I went to another dermatologist. Still no answers.

    Just recently I started thinking about this protandim cream. The first time I used it was prior to the eruption of the first, unsightly bump. I stopped using it, but although the bumps (about 3) did not go away, I didn’t get more at least. Then I started using the protandim cream again this past summer to help and now I have clusters of bumps (particularly in the sensitive area under my right eye, plus single pumps on both eyelids (very raised but at least not red) and about 10 others scattered.along/around my nose and cheeks.

    This is not a scientificc study. It’s only my experience and “detective” work. Maybe the protandim cream is innocent. Maybe no.t In any case, it is all going in the garbage. I hope these bumps will someday go away. I am willing to bet though, that I won’t get more.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Nancy,

      The True Science cream really affected my eyes but the symptoms went away after I stopped using it.

      Hopefully yours will also be relieved after some time.

      Meanwhile, perhaps you might consider doing a cleanse to get whatever it is out of your system. A kidney cleanse and detox program could be as simple as drinking teas that have herbs for that purpose, or foods that are known to be detoxifying (such as green tea, burdock root, garlic, etc.)

      Mahalo for visiting!


  • outsider

    Mrs Aunty, after reading this blog i have discovered one thing about you. You will never be successful in any Multi level Marketing company. You put to much focus into the customer base of your business instead of the opportunity of the business . That isnt where you make your money or how you make money in network marketing. I am not involved in either of these companies but have been involved in many network marketing companies in the last 25 yrs. If I had to choose out of the 2 companies you seem to only talk about I would choose Life vantage for simply their product line and the science they have to back it up. Another key fact is that nerium doesnt have or own any patents that I could see and as far as protandim goes they are currently at 6 with more on the way. This is the mistake that xango, noni, tehitian, and many other companies make along there journey. Who is to say that 20 different companies in example walmart, costco ,walgreens, loreal and thousands of beauty supply companies around the world wont create the same exact product/products for half the price. If you say it is as good as it is , and its only going to get bigger. then its just a matter of time before Its out there in every retail store in america with multiple brands competing against eachother driving the price lower and lower taking nerium and its distributors out of business and driving customers away from having to pay shipping costs. I do believe network marketing is the way to go. But i also now that Its hard enough to make one business grow let alone two business’s with the same business model. so dont waste your time, a give up one of the two and put your time and efforts into focusing on one goal one company.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Outsider,

      You are right – Aunty won’t be successful in multi-level marketing. It is a lot of work and responsibility, and pushing the business opportunity isn’t Aunty’s cup of tea. Belief without commitment.

      However, if I had to choose just one company and build a business, Nerium would be the company of choice instead of LifeVantage. The reason is because of the philosophy of the Nerium leadership under Jeff Olson vs the LifeVantage leadership of men in suits. If you ever have 60 minutes to view a leader worth following, please watch Jeff Olson in

      Both companies have excellent products that I like and share. One is for beauty, one is for health. Aunty gets her Nerium for free because of having a customer base of 3. With LifeVantage, only customers get an opportunity to get products at a discount if they have other customers sign up under them.

      Time will tell how companies will fare. I wish you well in your business ventures, mahalo for writing,


    • Anonymous

      To clarify, Nerium Biotech has patents on the extraction process and international exclusivity for all dermal applications of the NAE8 proprietary ingredient. They recently received a full patent on this extract as an antioxidant and at this point have the only patented antioxidant skin care ingredient. Nerium International is in partnership with Nerium Biotech and Nerium Skincare and return 30% of the profits back to Nerium Biotech for additional research. Therefore, the Nerium products can not be duplicated or knocked off .

      • Aunty

        Aloha Anonymous,
        That is one of the many reasons that I was, and am still attracted to Nerium. Good product, great company with great heart.


  • Jennifer Pronga

    Hello Auntie,

    I am a fellow LifeVantage distributor, only and because I had such drastic results with Protandim.

    I read your post and was wondering if Donna Mercado had a document addressing the negative issues out their on Protandim/ LifeVantage. I have a gentleman that is interested but cannot commit because of what he has discovered. I am trying to address his concerns but with 2 new distributors do not have a lot of time to do so. I would be so grateful if Donna had something she could share.

    Thanks for your work and integrity sharing your thoughts and opinions.

    Take care,


    • Aunty

      Aloha Jennifer,

      It’s great to hear that you have had great results with Protandim.

      There is a lot of negative blogging about Protandim – most of it is about how they twist the facts about Dr. McCord being the inventor, or the lack of human studies. I sometimes comment on those sites – though from a scientific point of view, some of their concerns are valid. However, scientific or not, I believe Protandim works for me.

      With the gentleman who cannot commit, so be it. However, if he is open minded enough to accept what others say as their opinion, and leave room for believing that some things work for some people and not for others, then let him try the product. With Nerium, we are taught to share the product. To tell you the truth, I have shared and shared both Protandim and Nerium, but not too many people commit – even if they like their results!

      I’ll ask Donna if she is willing to share her research the next time I see her and we have time to talk. She really believes in Protandim’s results. She’s a strong lady, and when she does her research, she does it with thoroughness.

      Will let you know,


  • Distributor

    I guess if you’re looking at the small scheme of thingsbut have you looked at the overall compensation plan, the amount of money that the company gives is amazing. Theres also a JEEP Incentive, which is NOT a reimbursement program, its a FREE AND CLEAR title to a jeep after maintaining the Elite position for 12 months. NO ONE else offers that. There are 7 amazing bonuses, that buying a $40 bottle of product that you WILL use, won’t even affect you. Hope you succeed in whatever MLM you choose to partake in because it definitely is the way to go. Thanks.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Distributor,
      I have looked at and understand the overall compensation plan. My upline was really good at all the ways to max compensation, i.e. placing customers 2 levels below in order to get 9% commission from their orders rather than 2% if they are directly under me.
      In fact, I used to think that it was an awesome compensation plan – 40% for every new sign up, wow! Then, in the small scheme of things, customer sign up changed to 30%, and customers of customers would equal 0%.
      When a friend of ours asked me to try Nerium (anti-aging night cream), I liked it but told her I was already doing Protandim (which she was already taking, lol!) and how the compensation plan was the absolute best.
      However, I was wrong. If I were to recommend a network marketing company to someone, it would be Nerium, not just because it has a far superior compensation plan and free product promotions for distributors and customers, but because the heart behind the company is Jeff Olsen and his philosophy of loving, caring, sharing with a groundbreaking, non-duplicatable product that works.
      For me, Protandim also works. I will be ordering it for the rest of my life. However, I don’t love the company because of the “small schemes” that irk me, and cannot promote the business end of it with total confidence the way I can promote Nerium.
      In any event, I do hope you do well with your LifeVantage business. Network marketing is a good viable business to generate income that can last for generations, especially if you believe in what you are selling.


  • Distributor Bailey

    I feel like you have marked some very good points but also touched on some not so good or lack of knowledge on the business side of things. You may not understand the comp plan very well, or you would be out promoting this business. It’s not hard, the product pretty much tells the story, so you don’t have to “sell” anyone. As a Distributor, if you sign up PC’s you only need to buy at least ONE bottle of protandim ($40 plus tax and shipping). Anyway, I think you need to attend a meeting or watch the video on LifeVantage’s site and study the comp plan a little more.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Bailey,
      I am not sure when you joined, but I have been a distributor for almost 2 years now. The compensation plan has been “adjusted” from that time to now, and not for the better. Also, the company had begun a rather nice loyalty program for customers (free product after being on autoship for 6 consecutive months) and then dropped the program without any notification to distributors or customers.
      Perhaps if I were a new distributor not knowing of these changes I would think that the compensation plan is great. However, because of them, I am leary, or maybe a better word is disappointed, in LifeVantage the company.
      The monthly requirement to be active as a distributor is $30/month, and distributors do NOT get 25% off of monthly orders from referred customers, but preferred customers do. Because of this, I suggest that people sign up as customers, rather than distributors, thus being able to potentially get their product at a discount or for free. (see post “Buying Protandim at a discount or free“)
      What really makes me shake my head at the company is that distributors get 0% commission on these new referred customers of customers upon sign up. AND if a referred customer gets a referred customer, the original signer upper loses their 25% discount from that “leg”.
      Please correct me if I am wrong, I do read everything that the company sends to us, but may have missed any good updates or changes to the company compensation plan.

  • Kristin VanBelkum

    My friend told me about this product and said it worked great for him so I am a little surprised at your comments – are you not recommending the business?

    • Aunty

      Aloha Kristin,

      If someone is looking to buy/use Protandim and get it at a discount, then I do NOT recommend the business. As distributors, we get no breaks and our commissions are rather small (2%) unless you really build up a team of at least 3 deep. The upfront cost is $600+ and we are supposed to sell our initial stock for $50 to customers. I couldn’t do that and ended up giving the products to people to try. I’m not good enough to ask them if they want to start ordering so all of those initial bottles did not pay off for me.
      To get Protandim at a discount, I recommend people start off as a preferred customer on autoship. They will get their own website, and will have no annual or start up fee. Then, if their friends or family want to purchase the product, they can sign up under their website, and the preferred customer will get a 25% discount of the total order of the referred new customer, EVERY month!
      It is a great product – I love how it is one tablet, once a day, for $40/month plus shipping and handling.
      If you are a go-getter and think you can build a 3 deep business structure, then this can be a great business opportunity.

      Mahalo for your visit, please come again!

  • Balula

    I have just recovered from breast cancer treatment which has left me with a whole lot of side effects including blurred vision and fatigue. I am always looking for treatment to help me manage these side effects. I think I might give this product a try! I’ll let you know if it works for me!

    • Aunty


      Let me know – Email me your ship to address and I’ll send you samples since I order them so that I can make my minimum monthly order as a distributor.


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