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Mantra while buying a car


Mercedes GLK, Aunty’s potential next car……

From Jason Leister of Early to Rise, I have learned a mantra that I shall incorporate the next time I bargain for our next car.

You see, I am always looking for the next good used car to own.  Since I have yet to find the perfect vehicle, I show up at dealer sales and often times surprise Uncle with “our” new used car in the driveway.  Most of the time, Uncle is not happy with my choices, but since I am the one who will be driving that vehicle the most, he learns to be okay about it.

However, I’ve always felt that I could have done better in the deal (after the fact).  So, when an article by Jason Leister entitled “The Promise” arrived in my email, I found 2 golden nuggets of information to help me deal with those car salesmen.

Here are two mantras for every sales negotiation that Jason has provided.  He says to repeat these to yourself until you feel them. (Generating the feeling is really the key.)

1.  I don’t need the business.

2.  I don’t need the money.

These are great mantras when you are on the other side of the table as the person selling something of value to someone else (called positioning).  However, turn them around when dealing with a person selling you something, and it will look like this:

1.  I don’t need that car.

2.  I don’t need to spend my money today.

If you can really really believe and feel those 2 mantras when you are in negotiation for what you want, you are in control, and 1) will be able to drive out with a great deal, or 2) walk away knowing you did great realizing that there will be other deals out there for you.

This also works with real estate negotiations.  When it is a property that I really really want, I make offers that I shouldn’t.  When I can pull my emotions out of the picture and say to myself that I really don’t have to have that house, and I don’t need to buy it today, I am better able to set a price (and stick to it).  That can make a difference between a great deal vs an okay deal.

I am actually very excited to try this new mindset with my two new mantras when I go looking for our next car.  Hopefully Uncle will be pleased with it the next time I show up in a different car.

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