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May be Magic Socks

finger thingAunty went to Shirokiyas to buy a finger massager to give to her favorite masseuse, Dick Murakami of Hikari Shiatsu.  These are available in a tucked away spot behind the massage chairs and next to eyewear.

AyaA really cute and friendly salesclerk cheerfully helped Aunty.  She looked like Ha Ji Won of Korean drama fame – starring in Secret Garden, The Time that I Loved You 7000 Days, and many others.  She shared a flyer about V Comfort (Five Comfort) socks that were good for the health, which got Aunty curious because Aunty used to get Nikken stretch fabric products that helped with joint and mobility issues.

These were funny looking socks that came in white, black, tan, and pink.   Each had 5 toes and were quite pricey at $38.  Still, Aunty was curious and Aya helped put the sample socks on Aunty’s feet and remarked about how cold Aunty’s feet and legs were.  Aunty has recently been diagnosed as having Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, and cold hands and feet are symptoms of that disorder.

magic socksThe socks fit like a glove – not too thick, not too loose, but with just the right tightness hugging each toe, sole, and heel.  They made Aunty’s feet warm but not hot.  They really felt good on, as if therapeutic hands were holding onto each foot.  According to the flyer, these prevent foot problems, corrects body balance, and even activates the internal organs when walking.  Hmmm.  Aunty was game and purchased mid-length black ones.

Aunty put her socks on as soon as she got home.  It was a rather warm day but they felt good on as Aunty did her busy stuff around the house.  All of a sudden, it felt like nap time, so Aunty lay down and then passed out for about an hour – a blissful hour of deep sleep that was just wonderful.  Aunty hadn’t slept like that for a long time.  Hmmm.  These just might be magic socks and so they stayed on Aunty’s feet for the rest of the day.

After bathing, Aunty put her new socks back on and went to bed.  This is unusual because Aunty never wears socks to bed and always has feet sticking out of the covers or else they get too hot and stuffy, but these socks felt just right, all through the night.  They were clean because Aunty also started wearing house slippers – something that takes getting used to, and very Japanese, neh?

It was a good night’s sleep.  Hmmm.  Aunty’s usually cold toes and feet were just right warm in the morning.  Aunty went back to see Aya and get a second pair for bedtime use, though Aya said that these are usually worn during the day while walking around, exercising, etc.  Aunty also bought a pair for youngest daughter Rosie because she was having coldness issues – feeling cold and needing to wear sweaters while everyone else felt hot.

Rosie liked them and said that they work!  Aya had also mentioned how we should keep our feet and the back of our necks protected and warm because this helps our internal organs to stay warm and in good working condition so that our immune systems are at peak performance.  Sounds good to Aunty and for Rosie!


Aunty usually likes to try something out for a while before reviewing and posting about it but a one-time special event is happening at that little magic socks booth tucked away behind the massage chair area of Shirokiya, Ewa of the escalators downstairs.  On Aunty’s 3rd visit to see Aya and purchase more socks for friends with gut problems as well as the $49 super comfortable super soft house slippers with fantastic arch support (Oofos) that look rather ugly, Aunty was informed about an exciting visit from the founder (?) of the company on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.

She gave Aunty the section of the Nikkan San Japanese Daily Sun newspaper that was ALL in Japanese with an advertisement about the visit and the products.  This was like reading Greek, so solly, wakarimasen (don’t understand).  Anywho, this visiting founder (?) invented (?) these Five Comfort products and can advise on what our bodies need just by touching us and being able to pinpoint where our issues lie.  He or she (solly, Aunty and her wakarimasen nihongo abilities) probably only speaks nihongo (Japanese) but all the salesclerks are bi-lingual and can translate.

It has been a little over a week since Aunty started using these socks and just yesterday, noticed how much better her balance is.  Pretty cool.  Aunty normally bends down while scrubbing the bottoms of her feet in the shower so she doesn’t fall over, but is now able to stand on one leg and bend the other leg up to scrub each foot, like a Kung Fu master, heee yahhh!  Is it the socks or is it mind over matter?  Nevah mind, whatevah it is, feels pretty nifty and swell – like Aunty’s balance got 10+ years younger.

Aunty also LOVES her hot pink ugly Oofos house slippers because it feels like walking on air.

Do you believe in magic?

Okay, maybe not magic but at Aunty’s age, preventative measures are important, and natural remedies tend to have beneficial side effects of better health.

If you are interested in meeting a magic socks master from Japan, please visit at the Ala Moana Shirokiya’s sock booth this Wednesday.  Aunty will be there hoping to be diagnosed, looking confused when Japanese is spoken, but will lean on Aya for translated guidance.

Contact phone numbers are (808) 973-9191 or (808) 542-9317.



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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Musings

    This is really sounding quite intriguing. I shall have to mention it to my brother who often has foot problems.

    • Aunty

      I am wearing the socks less – it has been so hot lately, but I do like how they make me feel so I wear them when I can. According to Aya and the pictures there, it helps people’s ugly feet – bunions, etc. look better. The longer socks (rather expensive) help with varicose veins and knee problems. I notice that the Phiten booth just to the outside of the socks and massage products section also has 5 toed socks in nifty colors. I like the ones that I have because they are made of cotton, my favorite fiber because of how it breaths.

  • BB

    Aloha Aunty: I just missed you at Shirokiyas in a matter of minutes. I was talking to a gal and mentioned someone mentioned on their blog and she said “Aunty Honolulu” I said yes, and she said I just printed her blog and there it was.

    It was on sale too, mines was $39 and it was the $48 pair. I tried one side of my size and though my ankles felt better after a few, I just can’t stand anything confining my feet. It’s after wearing panty hose my adult life and now I can only wear clogs or sandals….no enclosed shoes for me.

    It was a bit of a struggle to get the socks on mom and I never realized how overly sensitive her feet is now. When I tried to get her little toe in she was yelling in pain.

    If it helps her it’ll be worth it. Don’t worry I went into the purchase knowing it may not work…and if it does than that’s all good. If not she has a new pair of socks 😀

    • Aunty

      Oh, rats! Would have loved to meet you! Hope you got to see the inventor of the socks – a rather young (compared to Aunty) Japanese man who was very in touch with diagnosing problems. He just looked at me and said that my left teeth are under too much pressure because I only chew on that side, so now I have to make a conscious effort to chew on the right also. He touched my friend’s shoulder and said that she had a nerve/blockage problem on that side breast and it was true – she had a mastectomy of her left breast just recently.

      He said that I should wear good covered shoes but I am like you – my feet like to be free and I love my Crocs. Sometimes I wear my magic socks with my Crocs – looks a little weird but it does make my feet feel good.

      Hope the socks work well for your mom! Nice of you to take care of her.

  • Tutu

    Hi, Aunty!

    Hope this isn’t a repeat of what I typed out when post first appeared & thought I sent, but perhaps I deleted it instead. Seems like these episodes occurring more frequently on my laptop, should I be fearful or just accept the signs of memory lapses. The foot socks & gloves sound like comfortable accessories for osteoarthritic joints, especially if socks help improve balance, a common concern for kupuna. Will drop by to meet Aya & try on these remarkable accessories. Your write-up is the best testimonial or advertisement that promotes the Osfos with distinction, candor, & humor. Have you considered doing or creating commercials for things that help aging? Let us know what the store staff says about your recommendation.

    Looking for happier feet,

    • Aunty

      Aloha Tutu!

      I know what you mean about memory lapses. Mine was getting pretty bad, to the point of wondering if I should be worrying about it. Was even debating whether or not to take 2 curcumin capsules instead of my one daily dose. But actually, just recently I don’t feel as disjointed in my thoughts – couldn’t be the socks, or could it be?

      You must have read my mind – not about creating commercials for products and therapies for aging, but expanding Aunty’s website or having another website about health – natural health and writing about articles, products, treatments, reviews, etc. about things that I come across. Before, my health was great. No aches, pains, dementia, fears. Nowadays, age has crept up and leaves junk footprints here and there on Aunty’s body and mind. In a way, I welcome them because I can be the guinea pig, and sometimes my friends allow themselves to be guinea pigs.

      Mahalo for stopping by. You will like Aya – she is so cute. I really do have happier feet and am so glad that I met her.


  • BB

    I am a Doubting Thomas but I’ll take your word that it works. I have an elderly mom who has very poor circulation and difficulty with mobility and by coincidence I’ll be by AMC tomorrow! I’ll pop by Shirokiya’s and see what’s up. Thanks for the 411, Aunty!!

    • Aunty

      Aloha BB, I don’t think you’re a Doubting Thomas if you give this recommendation your consideration. We won’t know until we try it, and so far I really like these socks!
      Unfortunately, there is no guarantee, so once you open the package, there is no return. However, I’ll extend Aunty’s local kine guarantee – if your mom doesn’t like them, wash ’em, and Aunty will buy it from you because I really like them and if they aren’t my size, I’ll find someone who will fit them. I have mine on right now after walking around this evening and getting caught in the rain with my Crocs on. My feet were all cold and so, as soon as I got home, on went the magic socks!
      btw, my sister, Aunty Mimi said she thinks it helped her energy level. Magic? Or mind over matter? Whatever makes us feel better, right?

  • jalna

    Soooo interesting, Aunty! I totally believe it’s the socks. I have gloves for the arthritis in my fingers. Unfortunately, I can’t wear them to bed. I take them off in my sleep. I thought that aliens came at night and took them off until I caught myself in the act. I wanna look into the Oofos house slippers for my mom. Thanks for the tip!

    • Aunty

      Hi Jalna,

      Yep, I think that it’s the socks, too. So you got the fingerless glove from them too?

      My Oofos slippers are SO comfy, but compared to Crocs, they are SO NOT pretty. I got the hot pink ones so I can find them in the house. My feet love them. I think your mom will too.


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