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Meeting a Giant who is petite sized

Yesterday Aunty was invited to breakfast by friend Mae (mahalo Mae!), and got to finally meet Kung Fu Girl (KFG) of!!!

It was a thrill and a pleasant surprise – for someone with such a vast knowledge base and credentialed expertise – KFG was like the girl next door (maybe not in Kaimuki, but you know what I mean.)  She was super sweet, nice, humble, and a wonderful young mom and wife (to another brainiac).  Aunty had to hold back from picking at her brains since this was a “hello, glad to finally meet” kind of event.

This was kind of like, but better.  I found KFG on the internet while google searching for some financial stuff, and then I was hooked.  Made a connection through posting comments on her excellent blog, and she responded!!  Byte sized love – lol – okay, Aunty will try not to do techno humor anymore.

Anywho, Aunty recommends for anyone who wants to be smarter or at least seem smarter by being able to understand financial jargon and events.  KFG has a way of breaking down stuff like fractional reserve banking in a very simple, easy to understand way.  She talks regular conversation language rather than talking down language, you know what Aunty means?  No?  Maybe it’s a girl kind of thing, but sometimes when some people explain things, they talk over Aunty’s head and ask if I understand, and Aunty says “yes” even when I mean “not really”.  KFG has a gift of breaking the lingo down to the elementary school level while still sounding smart, and Aunty gets it!!  Then Aunty feels smart!

Aunty was aglow with being in KFG’s presence yet feeling terribly comfortable at the same time.

It was a really nice day.

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