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Michael Masterson’s Good Health Strategies

Michael Masterson is a financial guru and motivator par excellence.  In an April 2011 newsletter article he wrote about having a richer life by enjoying better health.  His biological fitness is that of a younger person, and his lung capacity rated as a 26 year old.

He attributes his health and fitness to three things:  How he eats, How he exercises, and How he heals himself.


He eats using Dr. Atkins low carbo diet.  Dr. Atkins’ research consisted of his own research that discovered people eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet were leaner, healthier and more energetic than those on other diets.  Combining this with Dr. Al Sears’ findings resulted in improvement in his health immediately.

His diet today consists of high protein switch from supermarket meat to grass fed meat since most supermarket meats were laden with hormones and omega-6 fatty acids, and grass fed beef has a better fatty-acid ration than salmon.  Eating more organic vegetables and avoiding fruit juices, along with limiting sugar products – drinks, desserts, candy (boo hoo!)  Dr. Sears’ “primal diet” is now being touted as the healthiest diet in the world.


Instead of jogging and lifting weights, Dr. Sears’ PACE workout was the key for him dropping 20 pounds of fat in a few weeks.  Dr. Sears believes lung capacity to be the best indicator of longevity.  The bigger your lung capacity, the longer you’ll live.

When Michael began the PACE workouts, he immediately noticed his lung capacity being affected, feeling like he was taking in twice the amount of oxygen resulting in more energy.

The PACE workout is based on the way our bodies were programmed to exercise over thousands of years ago, and is compatible with Dr. Sears’ “primal diet”.  Just looking over the PACE website, it seems to be a series of short bursts of exercise followed by periods of rest.

I gleaned the following points from the PACE workout sign up site:  Long durational exercise such as aerobics burn fat during your workout (which everyone THINKS is good).  This sends a message to your body that you need a reserve of fat resulting in your body making more fat every time you finish exercising – so you have a reserve for the next time you exercise.  PACE sessions are shorter with periods of rest.  The body burns carbs from muscle tissue triggering the “after burner” effect when you body will burn fat to replace the carbs you just used up while your body is at rest.  After a while, your body will stop making fat because it doesn’t need it.

Here is a sample of some PACE workouts – the Airplane, the Starter Gate Lunge, the Up-Down, the Back Stroke Squat.

If this will help to burn off fat and keep it off, as well as increase lung capacity, I’m in.  Currently I do Master Hong’s Body Pyramid simple standing in place exercises contracting my perineum (love the ease of it all) and on going weekly Tai Chi lessons with Gerri and Virginia (very slow learning curve for me and I love learning slowly).  I’ll try this PACE program because I want to have better lungs, higher energy, and more lean body mass.


Michael Masterson does yoga every day, Pilates twice a month, an hour of massage every week, and acupressure when he has an injury.  I believe you need to find the healing/lifestyle that works for you.  I would LOVE having a massage every week, so maybe when the cash flow is consistent and steady, I can treat myself to that, starting off with once a month – a heavenly thought as I am sitting here on the computer with my usually stiff body.

My lifelong goal for exercise will be doing a complete TaiChi session on a regular daily basis (might take me a lifetime just to learn it completely) with my daily Body Pyramid – that is based on stimulating the pressure points of accupuncture, and possibly some of this PACE workout to grow my lung capacity.  I will look more carefully before I buy meat and look for grass fed meat vs. supermarket hormone laden meat.  More vegetables for me (groan that will be a bit difficult) and less sweets.

I want a long life of wealth, health, family, and happiness with the least amount of toil and effort.  Thanks to gurus and mentors like Michael Masterson for sharing their knowledge and know how, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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