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Minesh and the Mind for Gold

Aunty met Minesh Bhindi, a young mature wealth builder from England at the recent Wealth Summit here in Honolulu.

On the first day, he explained how the billionaires keep getting wealthier with the concept of the wealth triangle.  In short, they buy assets below market value, they cash flow those assets, and then they rinse and repeat (compound) with the cash flow without blowing the profits/cashflow/income.  Aunty will soon be posting notes under Reviews later.

Here is a link to Minesh’s Gold For Life site.  Much of the subject matter that he covered at the Wealth Summit is found on his site, as well as a promo video he made from his Kahala Hotel balcony overlooking the Waialae Golf Course:

Aunty joined his program.  I’ll review it once it gets going.

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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • johnny

    I have a real interest in becoming involved with the Gold for life system and have listened to several teachings, webinars etc…. He (Minesh) has stated on several occasions that hes only taking 5 or some very low number of new clients. I find it odd that if hes so selective and purposely taking in so few new clients, how does it make sense that he has a referral program.? Also Auntie, how is the program working for you?

    • Aunty

      Minesh is a very smart young man. He is also a very good salesman – so I think his pitch about only taking 5 new clients is to make people think they need to sign up right away.
      I think his concepts are very good. His cycle of wealth is a good one – no leakage in the cycle of making money = more money which can make more money – not taking profits or principal out and letting it grow, on and on.
      I signed up for a year and did not renew, but I still get occasional emails inviting me to join this or that. His buddy is Andy Shaw, whose Bug Free Life is another good program, though I am out of the loop with that one too, now.
      I did sell silver put options and got “put to”. Since then, the price of silver has gone down and so my holdings are in negative territory. However, I believe that silver (or gold) is a valuable commodity that acts like insurance in troubled times. I almost feel sorry for Minesh because the gold and silver market went south, but I am willing to hold on because of its potential.
      One of the best pieces of advice is not to risk more than you are comfortable losing. If you follow that rule, you can still sleep at night if your investments don’t do well.

  • Stephen Tingler

    Looking forward to the complete review and how it is working out for you. What is the cost to join?

    • Aunty

      Aloha Stephen! The review page will be coming up – so far it is a good way to educated about SELLING puts and call options in order to generate income and buying the ETFs at below market value (at the time of trade) and selling at above market value. I feel the value comes from Minesh’s weekly live webinars, mostly question and answers about the current state of the trades, holdings, etc.

      It costs $3000 for the initial sign up fee and I do believe it comes with a money back guarantee if you do not make any money following Minesh’s recommendations/lessons. If one makes $100,000, then we are expected to pay Minesh another $5000 – which, if I do make $100,000, amounts to a very small fee (5%) after making 1000% or more of profit.

      He has just started a referral program – for anyone that is referred, the referralee (is that a real word?) gets thank you bonus of 500 British pounds.


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