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Miscellaneous Tips

Get a PO Box near your home/business that you will visit frequently.  You might be put on a wait list, but keep checking and get one.  Then, change the address on your accounts, licenses, permits, insurance, car registrations, etc.  It is a level of security – if your purse or car gets broken into and the thieves have your keys, they don’t know where you live since your PO box will be the address on all your identifications and papers.  I like the USPS’ boxes because they are open 24/7 for me to access my mail.

Coffee filters can be wonderful little helpers.  Check it out!

If your refrigerator smells and nothing you do helps (though you should clean it out first), try this.  Pack each shelf with crumpled newspapers and set a cup of water on the top shelf.  Let it stand for 5 days.  The newspapers will absorb the odor like magic!  Best to do just before you leave for vacation.

I dye my hair.  What I can’t stand is the roots showing after a few weeks of hair growth.  Hmmmm, I thought, why can’t I use my stamp pads to color my hair?  So I did, just for the temporary fix.  Find a color that matches the dyed color of your hair, and use the stamp pad (the little ones shaped like teardrops work better than the flat large rectangle ones) and run it over the roots area and especially around the root area around the face.  Don’t use the permanent ink type – it might stain your face and scalp, and that will look gross.  Shazam!  Root lines vanish – for now.

I used to be able to memorize phone numbers of all my friends.  Now, I sometimes even forget my own phone number (since I don’t call myself that much – “hello? self?”).  Once, in a casual conversation with someone I didn’t know, phone numbers were exchanged, and he said he used to have a really great phone number when he was living in Hawaii.  It spelled PEANUTS (732-6887).  That was pretty cool.  You can figure out your own phone number analog combinations by playing with the alpha and numerics but the easy way is to enter the phone number at and it will spit out the possibilities.  Not all numbers work out, but when it does, it makes it easy to remember.

My 1968 Karmann Ghia, my baby for 38 years. Aloha pumehana.

Here’s my baby – the first car I ever owned.  The car I met Uncle in as well as pack our entire family of 6 in to watch a movie (Conan the Barbarian) at a drive in theatre.  Today, the new owner just drove her off and it was truly bittersweet.  Since this is my website, I’m posting her picture here with duct tape patches and all.  Aloha dear Karmann.

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