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More travel tips

I felt unprepared for our trip to Los Angeles recently – but the fault usually lies with me since I tend to wait until the last day to pack.

I took some notes and hope it helps.  Please also check out my other pages on travel.

Hawaiian Airlines now has fixed air conditioning vents that hit the seated passenger.  This constant airflow on my head causes my eyes to dry out more than normal and I get travel red-eye at my Mainland destination for several days.  Uncle always wears a baseball cap on flights and doesn’t get this, though his eyes do feel dry because of the lack of humidity on the Mainland.  So, now, I wear a visor on the plane – one says “yard mama” and another is cheetah printed.  These are standard issue in my carryon bag and have saved me from red eye because it blocks the air flow from the fixed vents from hitting my eyeballs.

The new Air Bus planes of Hawaiian have more leg room – hurray! But the seats are rather hard to sit in.  Bring your inflating thermaseat so your butt feels better.  Built in screens allow you to choose whatever movie, etc. you might want, which really helps to pass the time.

I use my Pualani Gold status (sassy) to hold reservations for 2 days without paying, get to check in 2 bags for free, upgrade to preferred seating if available, and get mini bottles of whiskey and vodka for the fabulous garlic mayo shrimp recipe.  One mini bottle equals ¼ cup.  If you don’t fly enough to qualify for Pualani (sassy) status, you can purchase a year’s membership in Hawaiian’s Premier Club and get the same benefits.  [update note:  Hawaiian Airlines has changed their free drink policy for Pualani or Premier Club members to NO free alcoholic drinks, boo hoo.  Good thing Aunty has plenty leftover from previous flights!]

Put an extra set of reading glasses in your bag just in case.

For packing your suitcase, plan each day with 1 piece of tops.  Bottoms can be half the number.  I special outfit just in case, or nice plane dress that can be used as the dress up outfit.  Don’t forget your accessories – earrings, belts, scarves, etc.  Small things that can zap your wardrobe.  The way I look at it, you are traveling, so dress to look nice.

Eye drops for red eyes.  Sample size bottles from your eye doctor – little green bottle called Refresh Tears – helps greatly to soothe dry eyes from Mainland and airplane lack of humidity.

Don’t forget your charging cords for computer stuff and cell phones.

On recent trips, I notice that the hotels do not have shower caps for us ladies as standard issue.  It was a bit difficult for me to bathe and to avoid getting my hair all wet I would wind a towel around on the top of my head to keep the hair up, but it was kind of hard.  I found out our hotel (Marriot Courtyard) has guest shower caps – but I needed to ask for it at the front desk.

That’s it for now.  If I think of more, I’ll post again.

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