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Natural Healing

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing.  Drugs and surgery can do wonders.

Natural healing techniques can also do wonders – usually slower, but sometimes faster, better and without side effects.

What upsets me is when people shun natural healing and call it quackery by telling me a story about somebody’s brother’s cousin’s wife’s grandmother who died because she didn’t go to the doctor and instead treated herself with natural stuff, so all that natural mumbo jumbo doesn’t work.  I then calmly ask them how many people they have heard of that have died under a regular physican’s care or on the surgery table, and they didn’t do any mumbo jumbo.  One man’s cure is another man’s poison, and vice versa.

I do love my ob/gyn, Melanie Lau in the Queen’s Physican Building.  Smart, funny, excellent surgeon and practitioner, Farrington grad.  She saved me from my terribly heavy menstrual periods with a well performed hysterectomy (or hysterical as my girlfriend Patricia calls it.)  I love my regular check up doctor, though I don’t go as often as recommended. Okay, too much information, but I do love and appreciate Dr. Lau’s advice, care, and expertise.

One thing I don’t like are drugs.  Prescription drugs can be a blessing on one hand, and a curse on the other with the side effects that need other drugs to counter.  Some people really do need to take prescription drugs.  I am just very glad I am not one of them.  Grand Master Hong Li has been known to help people with severe diseases through exercise, diet, and changes in their lifestyle.  He says to continue the drugs and treatments prescribed by a medical doctor.  His theories work in conjunction with them.

I use herbal preparations from Dr. Richard Schulze’s Original Clinical Formulae.  All of Dr. Schulze’s tonics, tinctures and products are made from the real stuff.  Herbs planted and harvested without toxins, prepared the way it is supposed to be prepared, and they work for me like nothing else I’ve tried.  They don’t taste good – healing herbs usually don’t.  One product that Dr. Schulze is missing from his product line is hair restoration, lol.

Go to Digestion and Elimination page and Cuts and Wounds page for those specific problems.

Good friend Starley Barley sent me this video on the importance of good eating for good health.  Super important, always knew it, but to be like a hunter/gatherer will take Aunty major baby steps and shifts away from take out and convenience.  In return, Aunty (and Uncle!) will be stronger, smarter, healthier.  Here’s a video on Dr. Wahls:

Another fine company that I do business with is Healthy Habits, LLC out of Arizona.  They do not have the same kind of professional website like Dr. Schulze’s.  Their products are not herbal and natural but I can attest to the fact that their products are great and they do work (the ones that I have tried, that is.)

Natto is one of those foods that you either love or hate.  The thing of it is, it is powerful good stuff when it comes to good health – Clot buster – Nattokinese.

Nikken products are very good.  Friend Clare used to bring me gallons of “magic water” – filtered water with mineral traces processed through an oxygenating machine (makes you burp and fart until the body adjusts to it) and I do believe it made me feel better after the initial burp and fart stage.  I love their Kenko Therm wraps – made for the ankle, knee, elbow, and wrist.  It helps heal with gentle pressure – it feels like someone with warm hands is holding your joints.  I often wear a Kenko Therm knee wrap on each knee when I am stuck on a long plane ride or seminar.

I also use magnet therapy on aches and pains.  I used to buy those little round magnets on little round bandaids in Japan and stick them over the sore places on my body.  It felt like the pain was drawn out.  Since I don’t go to Japan anymore (and it was expensive), I now use any kind of cheap little magnets, stick a piece of dermicel tape on it and tape it on various parts of my body.  As the pain or muscle knot diminishes, I move the magnet to a different spot.  Warning – don’t keep it on for more than 24 hours as your skin might start to burn.  Also, keep magnets away from computers.  [Side bar note:  before turning in your room key card to the hotel, swipe the back with a magnet.  This will erase your credit card, name, and address information from the card.]

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