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Near miss = lesson learned

eyeThis is not a picture to show Aunty’s lack of eyelashes, sparse eyebrow hairs, wrinkles, bags under eyes, or melasma splotches on face.

It is to show that little brown dot just above and the bigger dot just below Aunty’s eye as a warning to all of us to be careful.

Aunty wanted to cut down a piece of a laminate plank to be a barrier in the vegetable garden.  Instead of using a circular saw, Aunty used her Dremel with a thin rigid sandpaper looking cutting disc mounted on a mandrel.  The laminate plank was hard and difficult to cut and as the Dremel spun furiously to the point of smoking, Aunty felt a sharp shard fly toward her eye.  It was either her lightning quick reflexes or the hand of angels (I’d bet on angels) that resulted in Aunty’s squinting shut her eye just in time, or else the shard would have burned into her eye ball rather than landing on her eye bag.  It was painfully sharp and embedded in the skin, and it took a little while before Aunty could pluck it out because it was burning hot.

It looks so little (actually it is about 2 days old and the scab just peeled off) but Aunty felt very lucky.  Imagine if it had lodged IN her eye!?!

So, lesson learned – wear safety goggles or glasses when cutting, drilling, or hammering.  And thank your angels every day and night, for the near misses we realize, and for those that we didn’t even know that we missed.

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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Tutu

    Thank heavens the angels were watching out for you in this harrowing experience. We fans & followers need Aunty to be in the best of visual health so she can continue to send us helpful advisories about dangers in our everyday activities. I suffered from a similar accident when a well-meaning aikane thrust an open umbrella into my face during a storm and a spoke stabbed me in the eye which may have caused a problem with my retina. It took several years for this eye to be rid of the cloudiness as well as the “floaters & flashers.” I’m visually in good shape now, as time, aging, and prayers helped the healing and recovery..

    • Honolulu Aunty

      Mahalo for the heavens and thankfulness, Tutu! Glad your eye healed – our bodies are miracles that are able to be whole. This reminded me of Dr. Bernard Jensen (famous iridologist) who had a similiar eye injury and the medical doctors told him he would not be able to see in his eye. He used herbal preparations – eyebright, goldenseal, cayenne in an eyewash several times daily after the doctors had given up on him. The fragment that was embedded in his eye got “pushed out” and his eyeball went from white opaque cloudiness back to clear and normal, and his vision was returned!
      Of course, prayers do help, the most powerful of them being the prayer of gratitude.

  • Betty Townsend

    Wow, that was a little too close for comfort…thankfully it missed your eye, yet I have no doublt it was very painful. Yes, must use safety glasses when using power tools…never know what might happen. I scratched my eyeball once…that was so uncomfortable/painful…had to wear a patch for a few days.

    Take care of yourself.

    • Aunty

      Betty, it was actually right on target for my eye – if my lids hadn’t squinted just at that moment, I would have had a hard burning piece of sandpaper disc stuck and doing major damage. We take our eyes for granted until we encounter mishaps and near mishaps, don’t we? Hope your eyes are all okay,


  • gigi-hawaii

    Yes, an angel was there to help you.
    Thank goodness the injury wasn’t worse.

  • jalna

    WOW! x 2, one for you and one for Kay.

  • Musings

    Yikes! That is soooo scary! Thank goodness it missed your actual eye. Sheesh! I wrote a post about something dumb I did with a sharp object near my eye. I was not as lucky as you. My optometrist said she used me as an example to her teenage daughter about being more careful.


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