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Nerium AD – Age Defying and Income Generating

Aunty was introduced to this anti aging night cream by our very patient ballroom dance instructors Erik and Naomi Takai in June of 2012.

This is a product that works, period.  Aunty looks younger with smoother skin, less wrinkles, lighter brown spots, and now Aunty goes out without makeup!

Even Uncle uses it because it is easy, super easy.  After washing the face at night (or after he “bafes”), he puts 4 pumps on his fingertips and smooths it over his face, avoiding the eye area.  It dries naturally and feels “tight”.  In the morning, rinse off with water.  Uncle can do that.  Aunty does it very gladly and appreciates how it is basically a 2 step process – smooth on at night, rinse off in the morning.  Easy!  Uncle and Aunty’s skin has improved a lot recently (see Aunty’s product review).

The company website has lots and lots of before/after pictures which can be viewed <here>.

Aunty does need to do a disclaimer: that it isn’t for everyone.  Some people don’t like it because of the smell or they don’t get the results they want, or are allergic to it.  For some it is too expensive – $80 + shipping and tax.  However, a lot of people love it, and Aunty gets her bottle for free because of the opportunity Nerium International gives us – if we share it and people love it and buy it, then we get ours for free (3URFree program – see Aunty’s business review).

Aunty promotes Nerium 100% because it is the right product, at the right time, and with the right philosophy and leaders in place.  It is, as Jeff Olson puts it, a game changer.  It is a company will be the best and brightest.  To get there, the company invests in us with marketing tools, training, encouragement, incentives, fun, and the spirit of sharing.

Aunty has been in the business of Nerium since June 2012.  Aunty’s team consists of family, friends, and some people who I have yet to meet.  Some people join because they like the product.  Some join because they need the opportunity.  This company is amazing, period.

Also just out of the chute, the company released another “tool” to introduce people who are interested in either a great product, opportunity, or both, to Nerium.  Please go to and enter your info, and you will be immediately directed to an awesome info video provided to us for the curious or intrigued.

If this page sounds like a sales pitch, it is.  Aunty truly believes this is a great product and can help a lot of people with their skin.  Aunty also truly believe this is one of the greatest companies with great caring leadership that wants all of us to succeed.  Koolaid?  If it is, this is dang good Koolaid.


Aunty's beautiful Nerium website

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