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Nerium for Real Results

If you go to Aunty’s Nerium site: and click on “Real Results”, you will be taken to a huge gallery of people’s before and after pictures.  Some are amazing, really amazing.  Some are pretty good, good enough for them to post.

Aunty’s results are pretty good and Aunty is very pleased with the progress which continues on!  Well, maybe my results are not good enough to win the 90 day Real Results challenge, but good enough that I don’t cringe anymore when I am looking at myself in front of a hotel bathroom mirror (those bright cold lights are cruel reality checks).

I actually think I look younger – and that my skin looks really good and people actually tell me that too!  Aunty now goes around without any makeup except for sunscreen and my rather noticeable dark age spots have lightened to the point where it was when Aunty was less old.

[Very sorry but Aunty is having her photography and internet challenges so here is a before/after of Uncle, and not Aunty, after 5 months of sporadic use.]  Notice how the color of Uncle’s dark spots have gone from blackish to brown, and how they don’t look as “dented” in.  Also, the lines around his eyes have gone away!

Uncle forgets to use it every night – so this is testimony to  what Nerium can do for a 60 year old surfer dude in occasional mode.

[note to the non-believers:  you might think Aunty photo-shopped this picture because the 2nd picture looks smoother but Aunty’s skill on the photo editing isn’t good enough to do that, so these pictures are the real thing, fo real.]

On a recent corporate training call (we get weekly opportunity trainings several times every week!), CEO Jeff Olson did a wrap up and this statement stuck in Aunty’s head:

With Nerium International, the product is the foundation of the company.  What that says to Aunty is that this product works, or the company fails.  Here is a video by the company about Nerium’s results:

Okay, but Aunty also promised you no b.s. on this website.  Although many people get good, pretty good, and fantastic results, not everybody has great results.  Some people even have bad results if they are allergic, use it in combination with other products that are not compatible, or a number of other reasons.  A good friend did have an allergic reaction to it causing darkness under her eyes – like a black eye – and so this product is definitely not for her.  It could be that the combination of Thermage (google search this treatment – it is quite intense) and Nerium was a recipe for disaster.  We really don’t know since no one has heard of this kind of reaction before.  So here’s Aunty disclaimer:  NeriumAD is not for everyone, but Aunty really likes it.

For Aunty, Nerium AD works better than anything she has ever tried in her quest to remove her brown age spots.  If Nerium had not come into the picture, the next product for Aunty to try would have been Obagi – which came either highly recommended by some or highly discouraged by others because of the high cost (need a licensed professional), multiple steps process, and occasional permanent damage if going into the sun (yikes!)

So, Nerium came into Aunty’s life at the perfect time – when Aunty was really looking like an old lady and searching for solutions.

One day, Aunty might just let it all go and have natural colorless hair, cease dressing with leopard prints, or stop taking care of her skin.  Might, but most likely not.

Look better, live better, feel better.

That’s the way it is for Aunty.  I think Uncle, the surfer dude, likes it like that.

About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Ann Greenan

    Whoa, I checked out those results – are they really for real?

    • Aunty

      Yep, they are real. It makes me proud to be a part of such a real company. If people like the product and see good results, they stay on the product. If they don’t or feel that they shouldn’t be spending money for the sake of beauty, there are ways to get the product for free. I will use Nerium for a long, long time because my skin is looking and feeling greater than it has for the last 10 years.

  • Balula

    Lol- this is so funny, It’s true, I see some older women that take good care of themselves and others are, as you say, totally grey, wearing stretchy pants and getting all grey skin and wrinkled. Just because your age is old, doesn’t mean you have to look old. I think I might try this product! Thanks Aunty!


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