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Nerium User Tips

IMG_0124Use NeriumAD on your whole face, not just your problem areas.  Skimping on the product doesn’t do your face any favor.  4 to 5 pumps every night is recommended for good reason and best results.

It is really important to take a “before” picture.  Haven’t done so?  Do one now.  If others see the improvement in your skin, you can tell them that you use Nerium.  If 3 customers sign up under you on autoship status, your next months’ bottles are free (3URFree program).  Free is good.  You save money and look better and better every month!

The shelf life of a bottle of NeriumAD is 2 years.  The bottles are designed to keep air out of the product.  Just 4-5 pumps on your fingertips – and smooth over clean, damp (not wet) face.  Do not pump out more in another container and save it.  After 60 seconds, the product is at risk of being ineffective.

Do you keep losing the little plastic leaf that seals the bottle tip?  Brush red nail polish on the leaf so you can find it on your countertop while using it at night.  Or, if you lost it already, use a toothpick to seal the little opening.

To “fix” a bottle that doesn’t pump or to check the volume left in your bottle, lift off the chrome top by prying between the seam.  If the cylinder of NeriumAD is loose, tighten by turning.  To check the amount left in the cylinder, hold up to a light source so you can see through the dark grey cylinder.  Insert back into base.

Aunty uses 4 pumps on her face, and 2 pumps on neck front area at night.  It is easy to rinse off the face in the morning, but a messy and difficult process to rinse off the neck in the sink.  So, Aunty now just rinses her face but leaves Nerium on her neck all day until bathing at night.

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