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Notes from Genius Tour – Meir Ezra

2013-06-13_10-30-44Genius Tour June 14, 2013 Meir Ezra

Meir Ezra WOWed all of us.  His presentation was filled with so many golden nuggets of information, splattered with exercises of both the mind and body, as well as some pretty funny dirty jokes in his rather strong and charming Israeli accent.  When he comes to town again (he LOVES Hawaii!!), please go.  [Update:  Meir will be teaching again on August 17 and 18 at the Hyatt Place.  To sign up, go to The Genius Tour and choose Hawaii.]

Here are the notes that I took from this intense 2 day seminar.  Most of them are stand alone ideas that deserve time to absorb:

What do you expect from the seminar? If you don’t know what you expect, how will you know that you arrived there? We must define what we want.

Essence of genius is simplicity. Know the definition of words.

A professional is one who thinks it is simple.

What is truth? Exact time, place, form and event. Does not contain continuation.  A Lie is the opposite time, place, form and event, and continues.

People are ethically good. We are the worst judge of ourselves, so when we do something bad, we feel bad. When we do something good, we feel good.

Must understand the mind – everything you deal with are minds.

How do you find a purpose, how do you find what your purpose is?  It is your Fuel of the soul.  What is your purpose?  Write down your purpose.  Look up the definition of purpose.

Ideas are conveyed by sentences.  Sentences are conveyed by words or symbols. If you do not understand the sentence it is because there is a word or words that you do not know in the sentence.  If you do not understand the sentences, you will not get the idea. Your IQ is defined by the number of WRONG words you know.  Increase the number of words that you do know, and you increase your IQ.

People become criminal because of the number of words that they don’t understand. A good man comes across a word or symbol that he does not understand, which causes confusion, which causes sins. Once you go past a misunderstood word without figuring out what it means, your understanding goes away. The more words you do not understand, the stupider you become. Learn definitions of words from the dictionary.

The first dictionary was written by Webster in order to empower people to understand words so they have power and cannot be cheated.

Ethics – ability of the individual to uphold the moral code.

Justice – when an individual violates the moral code, the group puts force to get the individual to be ethical.

Moral code – a set of standards, laws, or rules that we hold ourselves to, based on our own group consensus.

If you have a problem, look at all the data of the problem in order to find a solution. For a problem to be a problem, it must contain a lie.  If something becomes complex, it contains a lie. Find the lie and you will solve the problem. Simple brings the result immediately. (Task:  change IX to 6 using just one continuous line *see solution at end)

An authority is someone who knows good P.R. Look at their result, by their actions, you can judge how they are.

Insanity is not being there – being in the past when you need to be in the present.

Spirit – this thing that knows. We need to clear false data.

Love is the flow of admiration and sympathy. Love is very close to hate, flipping very fast. Love can be used to control and cage. Use love to take the person to full potential, not cage or control.

The view point that you take defines your life. If you think you can, you can. If you think you cannot, you cannot. 99% of the people do not try, are not willing to show up.

Clever = ability to recognize truth. Smallest number in the universe is 2 = force, counterforce.

Greatness is ability to continue to love man despite all invitation to do otherwise. If you can continue to love them, no sorrow or pain. Handle the spirit, not the physical.


 BREAK – after we came back, Meir had us do exercises – squat against wall, push ups for men

Prerequisite for success is to become unserious, charging toward your purpose and be sure of your success. Success is ability to experience motion, as well as the ability to control motion.

What is seriousness – when interest is intense because of penalty. Attention is stuck in the past. I better do that or else something will happen.  When you are serious, you get slow and stuck on what you do not want – one always gets what his attention is on.  You get what you validate.  Look at the problem from an unserious point of view.

Child rearing. If they are doing something bad, ignore it (non validation). Every child has a job that they have to do – it is an agreement that they help – more than just chores, it is their job and responsibility. Let your children make their own decisions in order to complete their jobs.

Competence is the ability to do what you do when you are doing it.

Any area where you are serious about you are also incompetent. The past influences your present behavior to such a degree that if you are not aware of it, you cannot control it. A being causes his own feeling. Smile when you feel lousy. Force yourself to be the cause. After an impact you make a decsion – a resolution to act in a certain way “I will never do that again” = no-no because you have taken away your free will.

Whenever we do something wrong, rather than find or make excuses of why we did that wrong deed, just be able to admit that we are wrong.

Serious people are not serious because of what is happening now, but because of what happened in the past. To combat, look at data in front of you, not what happened.  Evaluate with what is in front of you – look at everything as “interesting”.

When you are serious about something in your life, you fail.  Measure by statistics, not by feelings.

When you make a decision, you feel better. Crisis is a moment of decision. People never lose their ability, what you lose is your willingness. Easy to ignite the willingness by igniting your purpose.

The less decisive you are the more emotionally bankrupt you are.  Stress is the sum of all indecisions.


Cycle of action = Start, Change, Stop.

When you start something, you also need to have closure. Exercise = make a list of ALL the open cycles that we have in our life. Do a target list with closure date, and take one or two a day. Stress is only the sum of all your open cycles.

Unluckiness is too many open cycles of action. Close the cycles.

If you have a past time in your life that “money is bad”, and you change your thinking and decide that you want money, you must go back to the exact time, place, form and event that you formed your original idea and eliminate it – it is not your current truth. Anything that you know about, you can control it.

Example with daughter relationship: find the point in time that caused the problem. The problem is that you want to be right all the time, so people do not change because in order to change, you must be able to admit you are wrong. Learn correct data to make decisions to fix problems.

Production is basis of morale.

Knowledge, Responsibility, Control work together.

Fear – a state of imperception, almost always true that it doesn’t exist. Getting info from what is in your past, not the present.

Power is speed of particle flow.

A person becomes old when they think they can become hurt. Being careful = being serious = slow.

When you want cooperation, align their purposes with yours.

Force does not bring solution.

When you are in a painful or negative situation, you are missing tools. You are good in one area, but the other 6 areas you are not good at.

Coaching – what do you do, what do you want, what else do you want.  Quantify with result of result and time.  Define targets.

Training is key for success = getting better results with less effort. If no training = growing upset. Beginning of any upset is an incomplete cycle of action. Usually upset because not willing to communicate or look at the problem. Get the ability to look.




Difference between a professional and an amateur

An amateur

thinks things are complicated and unpredictable

happy with good enough

frustrated – he is the victim, bad luck, etc

operates from fear (state of imperception – what you do not see, feel, hear), and tries to win

avoids risk – does not confront. When you don’t confront, it becomes a lie, it stays

loves to be comfortable

focus on the past (insanity-stuck on the past)

being the problem – everything is a problem

they know what they know and accept that life is like that.

focuses on present time and future while he ignores the past being the solution –

A professional

knows things are simple and can predict the results and time

happy with perfection only, no plan B, only plan A

effective, he is the cause of the good AND the bad – trusting your decision

confident and knows he will win.

Manages risk – confronts.

Ignores current comfort level for future, higher comfort level (price of neglect is higher than the price of discipline)

Professionals learn and improve continuously.


Mind thinking

The past is always different from the future. We learn continuously to learn from our past, then we go forward knowing, and then inventing new truths.

Exercise to show the mind. Close eyes, imagine a cat, point to where the cat is, open eyes. We all pointed to out side of ourselves, not our brains.  Thus, our mind is not our brain, but it is a series of pictures, millions of pictures that we have taken over our lifetime(s).  Our brain takes 20 pictures per second.  The purpose of our mind is to keep us safe.  Sometimes, it goes coo-coo or on auto pilot and thus we do things that are not good for us out of fear or past conditioning.

Logical thinking is ability to see similar things as similar, different things asdifferent, identical things as identical.

Analytical is ability to take data and compute with it.


TONES (Aunty thinks this was one of the most powerful and useful knowledge of the seminar)

Did you ever try to communicate to a person and communicating to that person was like hitting your head on the wall.

The emotional tone scale – 24 tones on a scale from 0 – 4.0.  People have 2 tones: chronic and social.  The people with tones on the upper scale are more productive and those on the lower scale will try to bring you down.



The WORSE tone is 1.1 = covert hostility (hostile but they don’t want you to know about it)  These are those people who Meir calls vampires.  They smile at you but stab you in the back.  If you have people like this in your life, get away, stay away from them, for they are the source of many of your problems, downfall.  Traits of the Covert Hostiles:

  1. speaks in generality (always, everyone),
  2. finds the wrong source of the problem, makes other people wrong
  3. cannot complete cycles of action, blaming others for incompletion
  4. doesn’t improve
  5. has friends and associates who do not succeed in life
  6. are never sick mentally – only their children or their friends are sick
  7. when act as relay, will only relay bad news
  8. no sense of ownership, will take your things

(in Meir’s Ethics and Finance class – he will teach how to recognize these vampires)

People are operate at their own certain tone will not be able to communicate with others on different tones. Must be at same tone level or close to the same tone.  If different levels of tone, lower tone people will want to take everyone down.

If a person is below antagonism (low tone), you cannot sell them.  Low tone people will find anything wrong with everything.

To “read” the tone of the person, listen to their communication delay or lag. If there is communication lag, the person is in low tone, i.e. saying “I don’t know” or “I’ll get back to you”, or not answering the question.

To sell someone, you must be in the same tone as them to reach them, and bring them up to a higher tone.


Most business do not need branding, they need marketing that sells whatever you are selling. To sell, survey your customers find out what they want.

Example of veterinarian’s business. Found out that people are upset about fleas and ticks, so put ad “FLEAS FLEAS FLEAS TICK TICKS  We kill them all. Call 1 800 kill fleas”.  Give mystery, and they will call.

Example of Sausage business: did survey: 2 most important: size of cases & grills well. Changed size of boxes, put “grills well” on box. New box sold 68 times more sausages than the standard. Tone of people who barbeque – very high – enthusiastic – used bright colors.

Use written, verbal surveys of the marketplace. If you know the tone scale, know the survey results, know the business organization.



Showed us pictures and asked what was wrong. Many of us invented what we thought we saw. We see a part of what is front of us and we assume the whole. When we assume, we are incorrect. To be able to observe without assumption is to be able to see what is really there. When we assume, we can be cheated. Our responses are automatic, but we must get off of our automatic responses and assumptions, but must raise our observational skills and really look.

All the pictures that Meir showed had nothing that measured data, such as scoreboard, control panels.

In business, you must have measurements at every time period of every department, every personnel.

 Start – Change – Stop  A robot does the tasks assigned to it. When you tell a person what to do and they do it, they become robots.

When you communicate what it is you want to have (the Stop), and they figure out what to do, and they become the person you need.

 Start is what you are/mind

 Change is the doing/body

 Stop is the having/product

A product is an exchange, and exchange is a product. Product is a completed thing that has an exchange value within or outside the activity. It is not a product unless it has been exchanged.


Exchange is giving something for something else.

Exchange – four types

  1. criminal exchange – stealing. Giving, giving, giving to friends and you don’t demand anything back is a criminal exchange.
  2. Partial exchange – promise something but don’t deliver exactly what is agreed upon
  3. fair exchange – payment for what is agreed upon
  4. exchange in abundance – give more than what was agreed – they will give you something

Exchange either flows or it is stuck. You can improve exchange in any one or more of these ways:

1 .quantity

2. quality

3. give more time

4. extras


DRILL write a list of everyone that you are in an exchange relationship with and look at what type of exchange you have with them.

Make a table:  list of people, what condition of exchange they are in, what am I going to do.

Look over the list, and give in abundance, i.e. thank you letter, gift, acknowledgement,


What is the product?

Must be able to identify the product in order to be successful. The product must be defined. Only if you can define the product can you measure it. If you cannot see or define what the product is, then you cannot achieve it. When you do not succeed, it is because your ability to name/define the product is missing. You can measure only if you define what the product is..


A product of a teacher = student duplicating the materials taught and uses it successfully to improve their lives and the lives of others bringing about a new civilization.  A good teacher cares more about the students than cares about the money. “You are important to me” is what reaches people.  Rather than “I am interesting” people want to know that you are interested in them.  To be interested, you need to be a professional and not an amateur.

A product of a business owner = viable expanding, prosperous organization with increasing money to owner’s reserves and a very well paid staff.

A product of an army = an opponent with a more ameniable state of mind.

A product of a husband and wife is a spouse who maximizes their potential and is succeeding in their life. Should not be caging of the other person.


Business Structures

People typically do a business structure with the Director on the top with different departments under it such as marketing, management, sales, accounting, legal.

Meir’s structure is a very LONG big chart of columns that is on a continuum – a cylindrical chart, like a barrel.  Steve Jobs got from E. Hubbard the cylindrical chart of 7 areas and Apple took off.

Every company needs 7 areas, even if the company is just one person.  The area that is the lowest defines our overall product. Shows what they need to produce and how to measure.

Everyone pushes to same direction so the energy is output, not input = no fighting.

7 areas of the cylindrical chart:

  1. Executive
  2. Human Resource
  3. Sales
  4. Treasury
  5. Technical
  6. Qualitycontrol/correction division (corrected organization and its people) income/# of people
  7. New public


Success definition: Achieving the postulated (self created truth) results or more of the desirable results compared to an earlier time. You become the CAUSE of changes, not the EFFECT.

An individual who is not working in life to remedy or to make better the actual conditions which he finds around him is not liable to succeed. And if you want a good definition of success, it would just be that: a person who can look around him and see what has to be done, what has to be remedied, what’s actual, and then actually can do and does do something about it. And that person is about eighty-four light-years above normal.

How does one know if he has achieved more, less or the same of the things wanted? By using MEASUREMENTS.   Every area of our life is measurable.

Without measurement:

  1. one cannot know who won
  2. one cannot know if he failed or succeeded,
  3. one cannot know what needs to be corrected
  4. once cannot know if change is needed
  5. one does not know what is right and what is wrong
  6. you can not have management even if one measures but doesn’t inspect, one cannot manage. It is here that we have operating on opinions and rumors vs. operating on facts, or you are guessing.

The universe is divided in two:

  1. those things that can be measured and;
  2. those things that cannot be measured.

In business, only one thing cannot be measured:  that which has not been done or produced.

A person who resists measurements:  1. is too unorganized and so has no time for anything and is already non productive, or,  2. is producing nothing of value.

Why do we need to measure our success? Without measurements we will make mistakes. Balance sheets are for the government – to show how much taxes we need to pay. They are not a true picture of success. Many businesses that measure with profit and loss statements and balance sheets show profit, but the owner has nothing in their account.  Meir’s system is a different way of measurements, formulas, specific steps to give an accurate picture of how the business is doing, and how to improve production and profit.



The purpose of statistics is to maintain accurate and continuous visual (graphed) records of the activities of the organization for the use of the executives and board of directors in planning future activities and analyzing past and current activities. To help the growth of the organization by maintaining a historical record of that growth.

Get your statistics, and you will be able to improve.

From info, put into graphs, look at the statistics.  You cannot get the true picture just looking at numbers.  You get the picture when it has been put into a visual picture, i.e., a graph line.



Statistics behave 6 ways. Conditions are states of operation. Each condition has specific steps, formulas in order to improve.

  1. Non Existence – brand new, bankrupt (very low graph)
  2. TheDanger – moving but not in control (not organized yet)
  3. Emergency – handle it and go to normal, don’t handle, can go down
  4. Normal – exact formula
  5. Affluence (very fast up)
  6. Power (affluence goes to new normal)

Affluence is most dangerous stage because many people cannot handle it.  Most people will spend and lose their money when and if they win a million dollars.  If you win a million dollars, first economize, then you pay down every possible bill, invest in what already makes income for you, find a new way of affluence and continue.  This then becomes Power.

Beyond Non Existence is a liability, not helpful, but bad , then enemy, then treason (betrayal after trust), then confusion.

You inherit the condition that you fail to assign or deal with.  In an emergency situation, you must promote promote promote. Use what worked in the past. Change your operating basis, get the employees working. Economize, find the cause of your problem.

Other ways for a business to succeed other than the org. chart, statistics, ethics and money, finance: 1) no ethics, cheating, 2) product is amazing (like Google), 3) unbelievable founder (like Steve Jobs).

When the explanation for lack of success does not push the statistics up, the explanation is incorrect.


The Source of Delays

Normally, the CEO shoots orders, the VP level is shocked/bypassed, and the staff does policy strategy from direct orders from the CEO. The CEO gets non compliance, leads to emergencies, leads the manager to want to know everything, leads the manager to stop the flow of production. Happening because of lack of control of the manager who blocks production, tries to recreate by themselves.

The inability to correctly manage workloads by staff and executives is the main reason for delays. The solution is to have a tool to manage the workload.

The purpose of time management is efficiency. Efficiency is minimum effort for maximum result.

Your power is defined by how fast you are. The more efficient you become, the more powerful you will be. The more delays, the less power you have. People delay because they do not want to confront. When you introduce a delay, you always bring about a problem.

The prosperity of a business is directly proportional to the speed of the flow of its particles.

To prosper, service must be as close to instant as possible. Remove delays.

Anything that stops or delays the flow of a business or delays or puts a customer or product on WAIT is an enemy of that business.

Speed of service is of comparable magnitude to quality of service, and where exaggerated ideas of quality exist they must become secondary to speed. Quantity before Quality.

 DRILL:  Write down all the places in your business where speed is slow – it can be customer service, issuing of quote or invoice, answering the phone, replying to emails, etc.

 Your homework is: improve the speed of all the slow points.

Why are you not as efficient as you should be?  Executives and staff lacking workable management tools. People don’t like a job if it has been assigned to them and they haven’t agreed to it.  Important to make agreements that all parties accept and agree to.



Money is an idea backed by confidence. If you can create confidence, you will have money.

Idea – a formulated thought or opinion

Backed – to support by material or moral assistance or assured.

Confidence – trustful; without fear or suspicion, faith that one will act in the right, proper or effective way.

How do you get confidence? Meir drew a triangle. These are the component parts of Understanding.  Life is about understanding. Only life trusts life.

1st point is Affinity – your level on the tone scale, a scale of emotion, closeness to each other.

2nd point is Reality – level of agreement (I like this, you like this too)

3rd point is Communication – having your ideas accepted.

Confidence is reality. If you create enough agreements, you will have a sale. You need 650 agreements to get a deal.

To be successful in sales, you must learn to create reality. There is exact technology on how to get reality, confidence.


The next time that Meir comes to Hawaii, he will be doing a 2 day workshop for us, spending one day on Businesses and the next day on Parent Academy. His son Michael is a fine example of great parenting, as Meir, very proudly, showed us his graduation ceremony/speech to his fellow schoolmates at a school in Florida, with a curriculum program that you could only pass with 100%.

It was an awesome weekend.  Time literally flew and Aunty’s brain felt like it was exploding in different directions.  Wow.  Hope you all can be there next time.

*2 solutions to make IX = 6 with one continuous line .  1.  Add a “S” = SIX, or 2. Add a numeric 6 = IX6 = 6.



About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Aaron Allaraj

    Is amazing to see that people who never met him they are the biggest critics I think this is ignorant and insanity
    I have known Meir for more than one year and i know that he is brilliant Coach and a amazing human being , he never fail to amaze his students good luck to haters .

  • nickc

    first, I like to congratulate you for doing what you do (not certain how old you are, but if you are senior, you are doing great;-)

    Second,.. I believe that you and others who participate to say good or bad about Meir Ezra and Scientology.. (including me rich now since I added my comment 🙂 we actually are promoting both… Because it does not matter if you say yes or no. you said something and that is what is needed to be active in anything…

    Hope you are smiling..
    Be well. Be Wise. Be Yourself 🙂

    • Aunty

      Aloha Nick,

      Aunty is “old” but sometimes forgets about it.

      True, all that you say. Or, as Meir would say, there is very little factual truth – most everything is someone’s opinion. I like that, and do like the things that Meir teaches, that’s Aunty’s opinion!

  • Jerry

    Wow I can’t believe, everything that is a website is taken directly out of the teachings of Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard. I myself as a former Scientologist that this information is toxic and will kill your business the deeper you get in it. I would know because Scientology took bleed me dry. Meir Ezra is a scam as he has been reprimanded by the church many times.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Jerry,

      One thing that Meir Ezra teaches is to trust the data rather than the source. Do you have data that proves your point? Also, are you referring to Aunty’s website?

      Mahalo for sharing your opinion.

  • Jason Duquene

    Hi Auntie,
    Suzie and Dave seem not to be people who have ever met Meir, but rather have problems with Scientology. While I appreciate caution with an organization that can be controversial, I do not automatically dismiss people based on various beliefs.
    Unlike Dave and Suzie, I have met and spent hours with Meir. I am a very cautious Christian, and questioned Meir directly in matters of faith. His answers were better than I expected, in that Judaism is still a strong part of his life. He considers Scientology a technology that helps learning. (I disagree with all of the beliefs of Ayn Rand, but her writings on independence and entrepreneurial outlook are outstanding)
    With that in mind, his teaching on business is the very best I have EVER heard, his insights on sales and sales techniques are brilliant, and I have been in sales for 40 years. Moreover, his sales approach is highly moral, and he rejects sales that do not match the needs of the prospects – THAT for me is key, and I look for that as a tripwire that most stumble over.
    Aunty, you have done a stunningly good job of note-taking, and you have my gratitude!
    I have to say that I also resist slandering someone I know so little about, and it makes me less open to such opinions, no matter their level of concern. Just saying BAD! doesn’t cut it, kids. Meir is the finest teacher I have ever met, and unless he is the world’s best actor, he is also a helluva nice man. I have spent hours in his company, without seeing a single unkind act to anyone of any rank or stripe. I have met high public officials, celebrities, Business biggies, and other “VIPs”. None can maintain an even strain over a long day without betraying themselves in some way – if they are jerks. I saw none of that over 15 days of long hours.
    Do Meir and I agree on everything? No.
    But he has always been gracious, kind, and generous of spirit to me, and literally everyone else I have seen him interact with.
    “By their Fruits, Ye shall know them.” Meir has always been outstanding to me and those around me.

    • Aunty

      Aloha Jason,

      Meir did a lesson/question on what is more important – the data or the source of the data? Half the room chose data, the other half (me included) chose the source. With a few examples, Meir showed us how we need to trust the data, and the source does not matter if the data is good. Like you, I find the data and lessons that Meir teaches to be solid, honest, and valuable. There are a lot of rumblings and grumblings from people who seem to have a big grudge against Meir. However, much of their “facts” don’t seem to hold water when held up to questioning. Like fabricated smoke and mirrors. Too bad because they have closed their minds to learning from one of the best.
      Mahalo for your kind words and visit,


  • Honolulu Aunty

    Awesome. Mahalo Anand! I get so much value from Meir’s seminars, they really do help me become a better person.

  • Anand Murthy

    Love it! Well done, & blessings!
    In the spirit of ‘abundant exchange’ I’d like to send you my notes from Meir’s PBM sessions as well 😉

  • Suzie


    Meir Ezra is a con artist whose agenda is to infiltrate small business and convert them to Scientology. Standard 101 for the Church. It starts off with with good content and get’s weirder and weirder as you go on, all while you are spending all this money to into an endless pit. The church of Scientology will suck your money dry. They make it seem like they care but in the end they all they care is about the money. No one does anything for free just to help people,, everyone has an agenda.


    • Aunty

      Mahalo for the warning, Suze. He was a speaker at this year’s Hawaii Wealth Summit, and came in June for a 2 day seminar. He will be back again in a week for another 2 day seminar. The upsell is going to 3 day seminars on the Mainland, which I don’t plan to do.
      So far, it has been excellent content, which is why I would recommend it to people. When it starts getting weird, I will rethink my position.
      However, Aunty is a kinda weird person, so it is really good that I have my family and Uncle to ground me as we prepare for our golden years ahead.
      If this is Scientology, it is intriguing, because I remember how they would pass out flyers as I was a college student back in the 70’s, and now these guys have all grown up. Their leader has passed away, and many famous people are currently a part of it.
      A question that I am now wondering, was Steve Jobs a Scientologist? While talking about successful companies and statistics, Meir brought up Apple, and how it became successful on the growth condition because Steve Jobs adopted the cylindrical business model to run Apple. Hmmm. I’ll be looking through his bio book, not that it matters a whole pile of beans, but it would be interesting to know. If that is the case, he would make an awesome poster boy, wouldn’t he?
      Mahalo again for your concern. I will be posting the upcoming event soon, and will have some of the caveats that you and Dave present.
      How many seminars/workshops have you gone to before coming to your conclusion?


  • Dave

    You are promoting Scientology, look it up. This is 110% a scam and Meir Ezra is sucking you in, I know I attended the Wise International which is owed by the Church of Scientology. Sounds like you are all drinking the magic juice!

    Run and hide from this man Meir Ezra and his scam


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