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PACE Airplane for building lung capacity

Here’s a great example of a P.A.C.E. workout that can give you more lung power and improve your Age Quotient (Dr. Sear’s standard) starting today. It’s called an Airplane.

1.  Stand with your feet together, knees slightly bent and upper body leaning slightly forward.
2.  Hold your arms in front of you about waist height, hands together in a “praying” position.
3.  Spread your arms and swing them backwards, and at the same time, lift one leg behind you.
4.  Return to the starting position, then swing your arms and raise the other leg.
5.  Repeat until you are slightly winded.
6.  Rest and recover.  This may take a short time, or a long time (since I am quite out of condition).
7.  For the second set, increase the intensity until you can only speak in short sentences.
8.  Recover.
9.  For the third set, increase the intensity until you can’t complete a sentence, then stop.  (gasp, gasp)
The slight increases in intensity make it a true P.A.C.E. workout. You can increase the intensity without increasing the impact by doing the airplanes “bigger.”  That means leaning a little more forward, doing a squat before you “airplane,” or extending your hands and arms as much as possible with each repetition.

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