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PACE Starter Gate Lunge

Before your start, measure your resting heart rate. Just count the number of beats in 6 seconds and multiply it by 10. You can feel it by pressing your fingertip against the pulse in your wrist or neck.

1.  To begin, stand with feet hip-width apart.
2.  Step your right foot back, and lower into a lunge so both knees are at 90 degrees.
3.  Keep your chest lifted, bend forward at the hips and touch your hands to the ground on either side of your front foot.
4.  As if you were about to sprint, spring forward and take a long stride, but then stop.
5.  Return to the starting gate position stepping your left foot back this time, and repeat.
6.  Do as many lunges as you can until you are slightly out of breath.
7.  Stop and rest until your heart rate goes back down to about 10 beats above your resting rate, then start another set.
You can make it slightly easier to begin by rising from starting gate position without catching air, then sinking back down.

With each PACE workout, try to progressively increase your intensity. Increase the height of each jump, or try to do more jumps with each set. Also, remember to accelerate – to shorten your rest periods or get to that higher intensity faster. Progressivity and acceleration are what make it a true PACE workout that will give you more energy, available faster, that you can feel.

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Al Sears, MD

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