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Peak into the North

Aunty finished watching “Doctor Stranger” on recently.  It was about Korean doctors’ love drama trauma and we had background glimpses into North Korea since some of the characters originated from there.  A link from the Palm Beach Letter (one of many newsletters that Aunty subscribes to) took Aunty to a time-lapse video of North Korea’s capitol done by British filmmakers, with approval from the North Korean government.

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  Modern, clean, happy, purposeful people in a centralized economic Communist country.

Click here to see smuggled out photos of more of the real North Korea.  Velly intelesting.  Indeed.

Here’s another interesting video, rather chilling one of a former North Korean labor camp escapee.  Jalna had it on her blog awhile ago.  He was born and raised in the very hush hush unreal existence, doomed from birth by a government of cuckoo dictatorship.  Lucky we live in the USA.


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  • nipponnin

    Fascinating! Destination North Korea is definitely not on my bucket list.
    I think I saw ‘Doctor Stranger’ drama…I watch Japanese and Korean drama often that I don’t remember exactly though.

    • Aunty

      I wouldn’t mind visiting North Korea – just to get a better appreciation for living in a democracy. Such a sad state of a country at the expense of its citizens.


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