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How to pick a good ripe watermelon

watermelonsAmy Lynn Andrews is a blogging guru that Aunty follows.  Sometimes she has excellent non-blogging tips.

Recently, she shared’s article about picking the perfect watermelon.  This was great for Aunty who usually doesn’t buy watermelons because of the risk of getting a lemon – a non sweet or juicy bulky green globe that nobody wants or eats.

The 5 key factors to picking, according to Shareably, are:

  • a yellow rather than a white field spot (where the watermelon lay on the ground).  Field spot?  Aunty never heard or looked for that.
  • lots of webbing – the ugly looking brown lines that indicate how many times a bee pollinates the flower.  Ugly lines are good?  Aunty used to think they were junk.
  • boy melons are longer and watery,  girl melons are rounder and sweeter.  Ahem, well, we all knew that, right?
  • not too big, and not too small, but juuuussst right.  Sounds like Aunty Marialani from Rap Replinger’s video.
  • brown tail means it was on the vine longer, thus riper.  Green tail means it was picked too early.  Aunty has never seen a tail on a watermelon – but now shall check them out.

MAYBE Aunty will buy a watermelon again.  Or did she miss the season already?

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  • gigi-hawaii

    Nice tips. I will keep them in mind when we are shopping for a watermelon. But, we do tend to buy the ones that are round instead of long.

  • jalna

    Thanks!! Will pass on to Wendell who’s been into buying watermelons lately.

  • Tutu


    The season’s still alive ‘n well with quality watermelon that so far we’ve been lucky in a hit or miss way, but now that you’ve pointed out particular features like coloring/spot, webbing/lines, shape, size, tail, we will consider carefully before making purchases. Just took notes, will never make a bad choice ever, thanks to you!

    Happy Summer,


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