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Prophet Max Platform ***

Aunty subscribes to Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group for $597 per year.  Mike is an unshaven young man who likes guns and racing trucks madly through trails.  He has lessons on investing, life and opportunities with experts in their respective fields.  Aunty has learned tons so far.

His most recent lesson (#19)*** was filmed in Australia at the offices of Senen Pousa of Investment Intelligence Corp.  It started off slow and as the product was revealed and dissected with an almost monotone level of delivery, the potential possibilities took hold and had me hooked.

So Aunty did what Aunty does best.  Aunty bought the program.

Yesterday and today, I started from the intro video and delved into Step I with its 13 lessons.  We are told to go slowly and not do all 13 steps in a single sitting.

The first step was identifying our Target Passive Income – how much per year or month we want to have as passive income (income from investments and not from a job or occupation).  The next step was recording what life would be like with that kind of passive income.

The 3rd step was our reality check – where we were in our financial picture today by inputting all assets, debt associated with the asset, determining whether they were investments or not, and the net income it generated by either annual dollar income or percentage (i.e. savings account at .75% interest).

Slowly, over the next few steps, the realization dawned that several of the investments classes were rather sad in their performance, and need to be shifted to better classes.  Reallocation of assets.  That hit me like a pound of bricks.  That alone was worth the price of admission ($1297 – $1997 for the first year, $795 annual renewal).

Okay, so I can hear you thinking (Aunty has big ears), “what a dummy, she got taken again.”  Not so, guava breath. [Update, okay, maybe guava breath was right…***]

Time will tell*.  I shall keep readers informed on this page as to the progress of our achievements with our Quantum and Managed FX accounts.  Using really smart computers that spit out FOREX trading buy and sell signals, our accounts are automatically traded for us by either the computer, or by smart human intervention.

This is a link to the replay of the interview and then 3 hours of questions and answers after it.

I am committed to having Uncle retire and watch him fish all day if he wants to.  This is a means to get there a bit sooner than the old plan of working a few more years and slowly easing into the life of passive income ala the Rich Dad CashFlow way.

Our Waimanalo house on the beach is waiting for us.

***Aunty’s breaking update on the ProphetMax platform:

This is the first and only time that Aunty can proudly wear her tendency to procrastinate like a strand of precious Tahitian pearls.

Aunty didn’t finish opening our Managed FX accounts because they wanted more and more documentation for our LLCs that we formed as our checkbook IRAs.  Oy vey – they wanted this, and then that and I would put it on the “to do” list to find them and because they were on a very different time zone, we weren’t connecting, so I delayed and delayed and just as I thought “Hey Aunty, you better get on it!” – I received the comment from Jan below (Mahalo Jan!) about people losing their shirt in the account.

So Aunty thinks, “hmmm, maybe I better go check ‘um out” and headed over to Facebook to see the ProphetMax page – and it is gone!  Got out of Dodge, maybe there were too much x rated cusses, I dunno.  I did find a new group called ProphetMax Reviews, which I joined, just because I am niele (nosey).

So then, I go check out the Elevation Group’s lesson 19 – which is the lesson that Senen Pousa did for Mike Dillard’s group.  When this lesson first came out, Aunty was enraptured.  This lesson was in video format and it was LOOOONGGGG and in monotone, and truth to tell, I didn’t know why I was so enraptured, but I was.

Senen Pousa hardly smiled, talked in a very low voice very slowly with a slight British like accent.  I kind of thought he looked like a tall skinny dark skinned suited Mediterranean version of the devil and he took paragraphs and paragraphs of words to answer very simple questions.  After the initial interview that was maybe 5 hours long (yep, Aunty listened to it all – remember I was enraptured), there were follow up interviews with question and answers that were as long or longer, and yep, Aunty listened to them too.

However, on Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group membership site, Lesson 19 was removed!  Another Dodge evacutee or evacutor, or whatever you call those Dodge leavers.

Instead was a REALLY long letter of explanation blaming the dark evil Senen who evidently is now saying that the Elevation Group is in trouble, and Mike Dillard is doing his bleep you back at him with his own worshiping bunch of subscribers.

This is referred to as a piss off by pissed off people.  Aunty is staying out of it and saving her spit for another day.

I sympathize with those that lost a LOT of money recently.  I believe the figure was $60 – 70 million.

My “niece” Kung Fu Girl over at KungFuFinance just posted about being using caution when caution is wise about this very issue.  She is a good one to listen to, and she looks like a blonde angel with a Japanese last name.



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