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Real Opportunity

Back in June 2012, Aunty wrote a review about NeriumAD – an honest Business Review.  I will copy and paste most of it here, with a new perspective since Aunty has now been in the business of Nerium for over a year.

At the December 2012 regional training event, Kathy Aaron (2 star National Marketing Director and friend of the Olsons) presented a dynamic overview and insights into the heart of Nerium.  She said don’t let anyone’s negative chatter affect your commitment and belief.  She closed the event talking about her family and how some of us hold back talking to our family members about our Nerium business because they don’t see what we see. 

We have the ability in our hands to give hope to others.  If we give even the slightest bit of hope to someone who it can help, then share on, share on.  My apologies in advance to friends and family if I do my Nerium Nerium thing.  I do believe, and am committed to that belief that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the financial picture of anyone willing to learn a new skill and pitch a new pitch, as well as to improve their skin. 

Nerium creates an environment to win

Aunty has tried network marketing before without much success.  (How many people have you known that have said the same thing?)  Most of the time I lost more money than made any because of the requirements to maintain a constant inventory, mandatory training expenses, products that were okay in quality but hard to sell, or a company that focused on their top ranks and lining their corporate pockets rather than us soldiers in the field.  In the past, I would join with high hopes, and then almost instantly regret the decision because the passion and fire in the belly just wasn’t there.

Fire in the gut

This time, for the first time, it is different.  This is network marketing at its finest in a ground breaking stage of explosive growth with a company that actually cares about us.  This is REAL.

Nerium International has both the explosive potential of a fad because of how revolutionary the product is (it works!!) with long lasting growth because NeriumAD is an evergreen product – the product is going to be around for a long time and thus the business income will be around for a long time.

At the December 2012 Regional training in Honolulu, 2 star National Marketing Director Kathy Aaron rolled out the awesome bonuses the company was driving through the month of December.  Our compensation plan was already one of the best.  For the month of December, our weekly and monthly cash compensation became ballistic.

How could the company afford to pay us more on top of an already generous compensation?  Kathy Aaron explained it in one word: Retention.

Retention is the ability to keep a customer as opposed to losing them.  The customer base is strong as long if the product has retention.  If the customer base is strong, then the company is strong and can afford to take calculated risks of dynamic bonuses from time to time.

Diet shakes were used as an example of non-retention.  Most of these have a 90 day window of use.  What usually happens to those customers after their first 90 days?  They might have lost weight but are sick and tired of shakes, or they might not have lost weight and are sick and tired of shakes.  The retention rate of those customers is very low.

Noni juice (acai juice, ganoderma, tea tree oil products, etc.) exploded in business when they first came out but were easily duplicated and then sold at discount stores like Costco, so the retention rate of that customer base quickly dispersed.

NeriumAD’s effective ingredient is found in biopharma fields of the Nerium Oleandar plant, extracted with a highly guarded patented process, and has scientific and measurable documented results that have never been seen before.

Cost of doing business

For $99.95, one can become a brand partner.  In order to be considered an active brand partner, it would require 1 bottle with the initial order and 1 bottle on subsequent months auto ship ($200+ initially and ~$95/month).  The recommended starter kit is the $1000 success pack which includes 12 bottles, which act as your trial bottles.  A $500 starter kit with 5 bottles is another option.  Auto ship cost for 1 bottle per month will be around $95, depending on your state tax rates.

That is basically it for your upfront and monthly cost to start a business with Nerium International.  Members can get free bottles via the 3URFree and brand partners  get free bottles with the Nerium Gives Back program when they opt in to that option (highly recommended).  If a distributor does have 3 customers on continuous autoship, their monthly cost is $9.95 which covers the shipping charge for their free bottle every month.

Why of doing business

Aunty and Uncle’s choice of investment is real estate for cash flow (rental income).  The problem is that we don’t have enough capital to keep buying, so we get stuck for a bit until we build up enough cash (from cash flow) to buy more.

Enclosed with the brand partner materials is an audio lesson on “The Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki, Aunty’s favorite financial mentor (see post Robert?  It’s Aunty Kiyosaki).  The old rules used to be: go to school, get a good job, buy a house, retire comfortably thanks to the company and government’s retirement benefits.  However, in this day and age of job uncertainty, housing collapse and government (in)feasibility, the old rules do not work anymore.  We must all be in control of our own destiny and not be dependent on our employers or government to support us.  Robert Kiyosaki believes network marketing is a business that can generate cash flow continuously and constantly whether you show up for work, or not.

Other reasons for starting a business in network marketing are numerous.  [note to Aunty – write a page on network marketing for cash flow]  Reasons for starting a network marketing business with Nerium International are even more numerous, as well as compelling, exciting and truly life changing.  [See Jeff Olson on stage at the first annual Nerium Conference in July 2012]

The business of Nerium

Where to start, oboy, this could take pages…..  Aunty will do bullet points:

  • Nerium International is very very “young”.  (update: NeriumAD made 1 year old on August 29, 2012!)   I compare this to getting onboard with Amway in its very first years of existance.  It is being in the right space – which is a golden opportunity.
  • A unique and effective product that is not duplicate-able for at least 10 years because of the closely held processing system and the 10 year old cultivated fields of Nerium Oleandar.
  • Jeff Olson is the CEO, formerly of Pre-Paid Legal, this is his last hurrah in the multi-level marketing (MLM) industry and he wants this to be his best. is his video on the product and the company.  This man is a visionary with integrity.  His experience and expertise with MLMs and his passion for taking this company and all of us brand partners to fantastic levels is magical.
  • NeriumAD is a game-changing product in the beauty industry.  Beauty products sell, more than any other type of merchandise.  Aunty can attest to this since even Uncle bought $400 worth of skin care from a kiosk in Vegas once they started putting stuff on his face.  Aunty also sells Protandim, a scientifically proven supplement not in the beauty industry that is awesome for the health but is a really hard thing to sell because you can’t visibly see the results.
  • NeriumAD sells itself.  It is also easy – put on, rinse off.  Results are either felt immediately or seen visibly after continuous use.  Before/after pictures taken by regular people are real proof of real results and available to view on websites of brand partners.  Aunty prints them out and most peoples’ reaction is “Wow!”  NeriumAD works wonders for many people.
  • The marketing materials are really great.  Aunty has gone to a lot of seminars and listened or viewed a lot of trainings, and the materials available to brand partners are some of the best.  Robert Kiyosaki’s “Business of the 21st Century” and Jim Rohn’s “Building Your Network Marketing Business” were 2 of the best CDs I ever listened to (in the car), as well as the “Success Training” CD set by Jeff Olson – the message that penetrates seems to amazingly change each time I listen to them.  The marketing materials the company provides are great tools for prospecting as well as sharing.  Almost anything you need is available and provided to us.
  • Phone support with a team in Addison Texas (origination city) is excellent – if they don’t know the answers, they are just a desk away from getting them.  They are not allowed to be brand partners, I suppose because it would be a conflict of interest, and they are up to date with the latest news.  Most of the questions that I have though, can actually be found by reviewing the info on my Nerium website (provided by the company).
  • The most generous compensation plan that only gets better.  50% of product sales goes to brand partners.  30% of product sales goes back to research and development!  Bonus promotions are promoted as such (for limited time so no surprises when it ends).  Standard commission and pay levels are on multi levels – a bit much to grasp at first but the more Aunty learns about the payment structure, the more Aunty loves it!
  • The culture of the company is that of giving.  We are given free bottles when anyone signs up under us.  We are given the opportunity to be givers.  This is the only company that doesn’t want you to order any more product for yourself.  It’s crazy, but it works.  Jeff Olson (CEO) said they are willing to take a smaller and smaller piece of the pie in order to make a bigger pie.
  • A true team building culture and structure.  One of the criticisms of network marketing (also called MLMs) is that it is a pyramid scheme and only the ones on the top get rich. With Nerium International, that is bull haha. Aunty believes in team building and, by helping team members below me, and also multi levels below them, Aunty gets boosted higher.  The higher I boost others, the higher they boost me.  Anyone of them can surpass Aunty, and that would make Aunty happy – for their success is Aunty’s success.  We are given powerful tools and strategies to build, expand, and help.  Maybe this is in the honeymoon phase, but other team leaders and teams on different legs are helping no matter if it benefits them or not, and it will be in the honeymoon phase for a long, long time.  A powerful option that we are given is a 60 day window of opportunity to place a team member anywhere on our team structure in order to help them advance.
  • Everyone gets their own marketing website – even customers on autoship.  On these websites, other customers and/or brand partners can sign up to purchase or join, and all product are shipped directly to them, eliminating any need for us to hold inventory in order to deliver orders.  This also makes it easy for customers to get their free bottle with the 3URFree promotion automatically and without having to go through a company representative.  Aunty’s company website is – pretty cool!
  • The company was carefully developed for over a year before it went to market.  All aspects of the company are well thought out and implemented with class.  The company logo, impact (Aunty thinks the girl on the website is absolutely drop dead gorgeous), compensation plan, presentations, level of quality, customer service, money back guarantee, etc. are of the first order.
  • I can name only 2 things that I didn’t like at the very beginning.  One was that brand partners would be charged $14.95/mo for their website after the initial trial period.  I thought that was too high for brand partners that didn’t really advance, or weren’t serious.  They have now done away with that option.  Now the default is $29.95/mo for a more robust website with access to all current and upcoming marketing materials and tools called “The Nerium Edge”.  (If you won’t be using the Nerium Edge, delete it from your autoship right away because you still get the first 30 days for free.)  The other beef Aunty had was the layout of the team members – more in a listing style rather than a graphic tree format.  (LifeVantage has a great job of displaying our team’s geneology like a family tree.)  To their credit, Nerium is taking a look at improving the viewing style.  I like the fact that this company actually listens to their soldiers in the trenches.  [update:  Nerium now has a graphic tree in a beta testing status – almost like they listened to Aunty….nyuk, nyuk nyuk!]
  • iPad bonus, Lexus bonus, Summer Dash bonus.  These are like dangling a carrot in front of a race horse.  If, in a certain period of time (60 days for iPad, summer 2012 for Summer Dash) certain rank advancements are met, juicy bonuses are rewarded.  For people like Aunty, these are good and real merchandise and or cash bonuses over and above the earned commissions.  I love this. (Compare this to another company who is had an iPad bonus lasting for a month, and cash bonuses that can only be applied toward a company national event.)  [currently the company has a “Drive through December” program that is too too awesome.  Payout bonuses are double or triple what we normally make for signing up new brand partners.  Unbelievable in generosity!]
  • Dynamite weekly events to send prospective customers/brand partners to.  In
    Aunty and James Bustamante – one of the top leaders in Hawaii – he has the million dollar forehead with before/after pics!

    Hawaii, Nerium has taken off and we are #2 in volume, just behind Southern California.  Every Tuesday evening (7:30 pm) at the Ala Moana Hotel, our top National Directors have a “Marketplace Event” in which the product is reviewed for new prospects, and the business opportunity is presented.  Aunty’s favorite part is when they call up all the Lexus qualified or higher ranked brand partners, and each is given a few seconds to say who they are, where they are or what they are doing.  This is the event that clinched the deal for Aunty back in June.  Ordinary people who never thought they could achieve the kind of income and advancement which Nerium provides.  Bald men who had nothing to do with skin care, stay at home moms who just wanted some extra gas money, business owners looking for additional income.  And now, Aunty qualifies to be acknowledged as a Lexus qualifying brand partner and can now go up when they call for us.  Booyah!  Please attend if you can – every Tuesday, for free!  (better to contact Aunty first, just in case.)

The start to an end

Uncle goes around quoting Jim Rohn from the “Building Your Network Marketing Business” CD by saying that he is working part time on his fortune in order to retire from working full time in his job.  He talks about “birds getting ‘em” and we have a little laugh about that.  Jim Rohn’s CD is entertainment and a wealth of inspiration (let Aunty know if you want to hear it).

The commission and bonus income that Aunty has made in the first month equals the net rental income from 3 Vegas condos.  Aunty’s initial investment was $1055.35 + $94 auto ship for the following month.  To purchase 3 Vegas condos to generate that kind of cash flow would have an initial investment of around $90,000.  That means Aunty’s ROI (return on investment) is 100% in just the first month alone!

This is a company that is brand new and different from any other company because of its level of excellence across the board.  This is a company that nurtures and supports teams of individuals.  No Wall Street board of directors, and very little ego at the top.

Nerium International is so new, so authentic, so good to its partners, Aunty wants to shout out about it to anyone and everyone to come join and get aboard this vehicle to financial independence.  This is a viable means to building your Wealth Chest.

Aunty is always thankful to her team members for building their teams and helping Aunty prosper and advance.  One of Aunty’s goals is to have each and everyone of them reach a point where they are financially independent and driving around their own Lexus and being presented with oversized bonus checks.

It is so possible for Aunty, and it is so possible for anyone else.

Travel bonus!

Here’s an additional bonus that is like rose bud icing on the cake and answers 2 related questions:  How can I write off a trip to Hawaii and/or How can I write off a trip to Las Vegas?  Because Aunty lives in Hawaii and asks all team members to attend weekly, regional, and all other meetings for Nerium, if you are living on the Mainland and become a brand partner under Aunty’s team, attending Nerium meetings in Honolulu are a business expense for your Nerium business with airfare expenses being a write-off-able expense.

If you are living in Honolulu, and you sign up under one of Aunty’s Las Vegas team members, your airfare and part of your trip to Las Vegas is a write-off-able expense on your tax return when you attend a Nerium training or business event in Las Vegas that your Vegas upline recommends.  The requirement is that at least 4 hours in the day is spent on business in order to be able to capture the travel costs as a business expense.

Aunty loves the product, Aunty loves the company.  This is the right time with the right product and the right company for a real opportunity, and Aunty is grabbing on and will also try to grab you too – not just because Aunty wants to retire sooner from working and working, but because she wants others to be able to realize their dreams too.


About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Jay Steinberg

    Looks like an awesome company, I will check out your Nerium website for more information!

    • Aunty

      It IS an awesome company! The longer I am in this company, the more I am amazed at how much they give. They just won a Bravo (?) award for being a rising star in the industry. $1 million dollar growth to $100 million dollars last year, and already hitting $200 million in the first 5 months of 2013!

      Google search “Jeff Olson”, the founder and CEO of Nerium International. Aunty takes a LOT of classes on marketing and business development, and it is as if Jeff Olson took all those classes too and then goes out and does it. JT Fox’s 11 ways to $11 million hits on techniques to grow, over deliver, and out perform, and with Jeff Olson at Nerium’s helm, Nerium is growing, over delivering, and out performing most of the other companies in the field.

      Mahalo for checking it out,



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