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Review of Bug Free Mind (in progress)

Many subscription based businesses present in Power Point fashion and read from the text – VERY boring stuff, even if the copy and content are excellent.  Bug Free Mind has the best promo video* with state of the art elements that I have ever seen.   Having someone voice the point first, and then having the text follow is a very pleasant learning and enforcing experience, and it was also very effective, since Aunty signed up after an enjoyable 12+ minutes of presentation.  [*to view without entering any of your contact info, go to the sign up page, do not enter any info, and close the window, as if you were exiting the page.  A window will then appear, “Are you sure you want to leave the page?”  Click on “Stay on Page” and you will see the promo videos without signing up.  The 2nd 12 minute one is a killer video!]

1st free lesson

The first free exercise is called “No mind” – in a 4 minute video.  However, the exercise is not taught in this – according to the comments section, it will come in the 4th part.  ???  I am a bit confused, but will stick it out and wait for the unfolding.  Do not click on the “download” below the video because it doesn’t work – purposefully and unharmfully by the developers.

2nd free lesson

2013-10-06_13-35-02Soon after, another video was sent via email “Tap the Magical Power of your Subconscious on Demand”.  This was a 9 minute video about how our subconscious intuitive mind has slowly been discounted to the point of being unimportant.  This is due to society, our environment, training, life in general.  Thus, our thinking process tends to only listen to our mind, not our intuition.  Our minds speak to us with words, our intuition whispers to us with feelings.

The homework or exercise to allow our subconscious magical powers was to look at a problem or dilemma, and ask for a solution, decision, choice; then forget about it.   Our subconscious mind will be mulling this over, and the answer will come to us at some point in time.  The best time to ask our question is just before falling asleep.  Upon awakening the next morning, do not get up right away.  Instead, drift between being asleep and being awake.  Relax and allow your subconscious to speak to you in feelings.

Interesting – worth a try, don’t you think?

[note:  each video will have an aggresive call to action to order, sign up, etc.  Very compelling, but Aunty hasn’t signed up to join – yet.]

3rd free lesson

This one is entitled, “The ABC Guide to living a legendary life”, and is 12 minutes long.  The secret to this is 1) figure out what you want, and 2) just work on that project until you succeed.  It is important that you spend enough time designing what you want BEFORE you begin building it.  This is important – figuring out what you want first.  This rather long lesson ended with a sales pitch to reserve the books.

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