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Review of Master Sha


I first heard Master Sha speak and perform his soul healing on February 23, 2011 at the McKinley High School Auditorium in Honolulu.  It was unusual.  Very unusual.  Weird, even.  Master Sha was on stage and it looked like someone’s parlor with a settee, a couple of side tables and Master Sha in a white shirt, suit and tie talking to us about souls – how everything has a soul.  Our organs have souls, our selves have souls, etc.  He was a servant of God, the Divine, and tasked with teaching, helping and healing in the chaotic times that we were currently in.  His English was understandable, with accent, and he looked like a really normal, kinda nerdy man with glasses and a buzz cut.

At the end of the evening, I was inclined to believe that what I had heard and seen was maybe for real, and a deep seeded desire to heal people and the world was stirred.  Soul healing?  The Divine?  Possible, probable, but for reasons (mostly the Uncle reason), I did not sign up for the weekend class at that time.   What I had seen, felt and heard tugged at me and haunted me, feeling drawn to something unreal but afraid because it was so different, so different.  Instead of registering for the healing class, I paid an honor fee for my brother-in-law who had just been diagnosed with terrifying stage 4 lung cancer.

In September of that same year, Master Sha came to town again, and Aunty went again.  This time it was at a book signing at the Ala Moana Barnes and Noble but I left before the event was over since it was running overtime.  I signed up for the following event at the Waikiki Sheraton Hotel and heard testimonies of people that were affected by Master Sha’s healing grace at the Barnes and Noble book signing event (after I had left) as well as from others who also had positive results. (Meanwhile, my brother-in-law’s stage 4 lung cancer was still in limbo – he was not getting worse, and going through chemo and radiation treatments, and although I am not sure if it was in remission, it was still very pleasing to all of us that he continued to go to work everyday and he looked fine.  I did not do another honor fee for him, and regret that decision – rational?  irrational?  – somehow, I still wish I had.  My brother-in-law’s cancer began taking its toll on him in November, and he passed away a few months later, 15 months after the original diagnosis of his cancer.)

That tugging and the desire to heal was ever present.  And again, for the same reasons, I did not sign up for the weekend class.  I felt as if my heart were breaking, to miss this opportunity, but I got over it and went on with my normal life, eventually pushing aside thoughts of Master Sha and my desire to become one who can heal.

I am not sure if Master Sha came to Honolulu after that, but I do know that he had some appearances on Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island.  Meanwhile he was also going to Europe, Canada, US Mainland and his organization seemed to be growing.

Most of Master Sha’s trips to Hawaii do not seem to be planned with much advance notice, so when I heard that he would be in town for events and classes this month, I signed up for all the events and the weekend class.  The main reason that I did so was for another family member, but it was also because I was curious about an older and perhaps wiser Master Sha.  Rather miraculously, all 5 days were free and clear on my calendar and I was able to go, albeit without Uncle’s blessing.

Some of his events are free, some are not.  His classes and training sessions have tuition fees.  His services have honor fees.  One of the biggest criticisms by others of Master Sha is that he charges for his services.  They believe that it should be for free if it is from God, the Divine, the Source.

At a recent Wealth Summit in Hawaii, Meir Ezra (a dynamic mentor and speaker) defined the four types of exchanges:
1.  Criminal exchange = stealing.  It not only applies to theft, it also applies to receiving something of value and not paying for it in some way.  An example of this was when a parent gives and gives to their child and the child never pays for it.  Society doesn’t see this as criminal, but what does a child become when they are spoiled and entitled?  They have become criminals by our own hands.
2.  Partial exchange is to promise something but what is delivered is not what was agreed upon.
3.  Fair exchange is payment for what is agreed upon.
4.  Exchange in abundance is to give more than what was agreed upon.

In our modern times and society, the standard way of exchange is money.  A fair or partial exchange is most common.  Exchange in abundance is the ideal.

Regarding the honor fees that are charged by divine healers – receiving, but not paying for divine healing would be a criminal exchange.

However, I suppose it comes down to belief – belief about whether or not Master Sha is for real, belief that the soul exists as he explains it, belief in a new way of believing, belief that you are getting what you have agreed upon.

Aunty began the Intensive Soul Healing week attending Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday sessions of demonstrations, blessings, and a lot of learning about ancient Chinese medicine, the Tao (the Source), and much more (sorry, I didn’t take notes).  I attended as a guest of a registered participant.  The honor fee for registered participants was $250.

On Friday evening, I attended the Soul Healing Evening.  Prior to attending any of these events, I had decided that I was going to take the leap of faith and do what I always wanted to do – become someone who can heal.  So, when asked who would pursue that path, I stood up.  I wanted to become a healer.

Aunty took the class on Soul Language – opening Spiritual Channels during the weekend.  Cost of the class was $100.  The intention was to be able to communicate with the language of my soul since it would be critical to being able to understand and advance.  Even though I wanted it so badly, I was not able to “hear” the soul language or “see” what a few others could see.  Perhaps it was best that I could not, because everything that Master Sha represented was not acceptable to Uncle who is totally immersed in his Christian faith.  Thus, even though I truly believe that Master Sha is here as God’s greatest servant in order to ease the pain and suffering of the world, Aunty will not be pursuing her lifelong dream to heal until Uncle can lighten up.

Religion has a way of binding us to a single set of behavior and beliefs.  Even within the Western religion of Christianity, different sects bind themselves and their followers to believe in the way that their heads of church deem to be true.  Amongst themselves there is discord, condemnation, revulsion.  Is that what God, the Almighty, wants for his family?  Could there be something more, something that is missing?  Something bigger, more truthful?

I truly believe that in a few decades the practice of soul healing will be acceptable and mainstream.  It is not a religion.  It is a practice and a service that can positively affect our bodies, minds, relationships, and finances.  It transcends religion, being more a universal law rather than a philosophy.

Quantum physics is becoming the acceptable science nowadays – and prior to, it was considered to be the weird stuff.  Weird = not acceptable as being for real or being too strange to be believable. Soul healing/language is very new and considered to be weird, too strange to be believable.  An interesting collaboration of quantum physics and the soul, mind and body is taking place this year.  Aunty finds this fascinating.  We are at the forefront of a new beginning of understanding of soul/spirit/connectivity.

It has been almost 10 years since Master Sha first received his calling to heal.  In the couple of years since I saw him, his abilities and bounty have become expanded to miraculous potential.  His organization is world wide and growing.  He doesn’t wear his white shirt, tie and suit anymore and instead is seen in Chinese mandarin collared shirts.  His short hair has more grey in it now, and the setting for his Honolulu presentations seems to be with the same settee and 2 side tables.

Other than his way of dress and his greying hair, he is the same.  Confident in his relationship to the Divine (God, the Source), delighted with the heavenly revelations he receives, and generous with his teachings and blessings.  He smiles often and is full of wonder, as well as exuding love and kindness.

People bow to him, some lower than others, especially in giving thanks.  It brings to mind the greeting “Namaste” – the acknowledgment of the Divine spark within each of us.  Master Sha, I believe, has much much more than a spark, though I couldn’t say how much more since I do not have the ability to “see”, as some other can.

I believe that all who believe in a Higher Source, a Creator, God, the Divine, the Father, the Dao, believe in the same Being, just in different ways.  Unfortunately, it is often the different ways that we believe which cause wars, condemnation, and spiritual blindness.

I believe that Master Sha is the closest person on earth to God right now, and that he is here to serve us by teaching and healing.  On August 8, 2003, the Soul Light Era of 15,000 years began.  Divine Love and Light is his message.

If believing that this is truth makes Aunty a weirdo, then so be it.

Namaste, Aloha, and Shalom for all of us.  Hao, hao, hao, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Your weird Aunty

About The Author

Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Richard

    Master Sha is a scammer, plain and simple. First he claims that he can for bunch of money to rid you of your karma – which is a nonsense, if you understand at least little bit of how spiritual things work, Than he makes healing claims, which do not happen and takes also tons of money. Including myself i know three people, who got zero results from his alleged healing.

    Than h makes preposterous claims of getting rid of so many millions of negative souls from you. Same scam is perpetrated by his so called masters including Peter Hudoba.

    His teachings include bits and pieces of truth, which is to be expected. I would even suggest that he is working for evil forces – takes lots of money from people who do not have them.

    Also is ripping of people who are helping him when he decides, that he cannot exploit them any more working for him for free.

    Probably even CRA might be interested in him after he rakes in large amounts of money, he allegedly sends out right away from Canada.


    • Aunty

      Aloha Richard,

      Very sorry that you felt ripped off. I do agree that Master Sha’s fees are high, but I realize he is in business and able to reach out on a worldwide scale – which takes a LOT of funding, as well as a large base of volunteers.

      I also spent a lot of money for his healing. I can’t say it worked, or didn’t work for the ones that I paid for. There were no miraculous recoveries, but having stability and believing that our souls are getting what they need can be part of healing, imo.

      If Uncle wasn’t such a devout Jehovah’s Witness, I might have joined as one of Master Sha’s healers because I was so impressed by his evident gift of power and knowledge. However, the decision to not join was made in order to preserve our wonderful marriage and not rock our boat.

      The one absolute truth that I have discovered is that there is no ONE treatment or healing therapy that will work for everyone. It is our responsibility to search for the methods that work for ourselves, without harming others.

      When Uncle was first diagnosed with stage IV cancer and his subsequent intestinal blockage from surgery’s scar adhesions, I seriously thought of contacting someone from Master Sha’s network of healers for help. However, because a huge part of what happens to us is based on our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, Uncle was not a good candidate for this type of soul healing. His Christian beliefs even had him refusing reiki and healing touch, which did have positive effects on him during his hospital stay – but he did not trust the source of the healing and began turning them away.

      Sometimes we must walk a certain dark path to get to our destination. Sometimes we decide not to and miss the opportunity. I do hope that you find what works for you and that whatever financial hardship you encountered goes away.

      With aloha,



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