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RR Accounts in jeopardy

2013-04-14_16-08-36Aunty signed up for Oceanic’s Business Class internet service and planned to terminate the residential Oceanic internet service.  However, those plans were put to a screeching halt (have picture of road runner) by the inability to transfer over my email addresses because our Hawaii Time Warner Cable does not own or have anything to do with the rrs.

Yikes.  Really yike, yike.  All 9(!) of Aunty’s schizoid email addresses are hawaii.rr.coms, and for this multiple-hat-wearing-blog-happy-aunty, switching over and finding another good email hoster that has a good and easy suffix is a chore.

So, Aunty is now using as her primary “aunty” address.  The accounts will be replaced with gmail accounts, or possibly another email hoster.  The problem with gmail accounts is that most of the names that I want are taken, and they must be at least 6 letters or numbers long, so does not work.  However, Google’s email accounts seem to be the best for now, and the slow conversion from accounts for Aunty is taking place, resulting in juggling double the number of email accounts for now.

If anyone knows of a good email hosting, please let me know in the comments section below.  Mahalo in advance!

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