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Spell a Phone number and number your life

Personality/character analysis based on your name. is a website that will give you a free report on what your name means.  Pretty cool stuff – enter your full name, and you get a printable report giving you your numbers and the characteristics of those numbers.  Pretty spot on for me.  Goes to show that it is very important what you name your kids!  You can also get your birthday calculator done, but I strongly suggest you don’t access that on the same computer and/or day that you enter your full name, just being safe here.

I used to be able to remember phone numbers.  I also used to be able to remember why I walked into a room.  So now, if someone gives me their phone number and I want to remember it, I go to, put in their phone number, and I get all the possible alpha combinations so I can remember their number later on my keypad.  It doesn’t always give you a real word, but sometimes it works just fine.

Just some fun stuff for you!

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