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Stock Storm signals – to watch & ponder

Aunty subscribes to over 30 newsletters – YIKES!  Didn’t realize how many until I counted today, but they takes the place of me watching the news on TV or reading a daily newspaper.  Most of them are opinions, and many of those opinions are based on facts or a series of facts, and some are just guesses based on je ne sais quoi (the dunnos).  The way I figure, these people are very very smart and study financials, wealth strategies, personal development, etc. on a full time basis, so getting their newsletters is like picking their brains, and then make my own decisions.

This morning, a short video was delivered to me about the recent downturn in the stock market, so for any of you who trade stocks or options, here’s a good one to ponder – up or down?:

Storm Watch

Update, September 15, 2013:  The stock market in the eyes of the S&P 500 dropped a few days later, and has since recovered to 1687, and seemingly on an uptrend.  Which goes to show – the market is like the roulette wheel – no one really knows and you just place a bet and cross your fingers for the best.  Here is a snapshot of the S&P on September 13 with the green arrow pointing to the corresponding point of 8-28-13:


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