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Sugru, like Super Putty on steroids!

Aunty loves Sugru.  It can fix almost ANYthing.  It air hardens to a tough flexible rubber in a day.  It is like super glue, polymer clay, and Playdoh, all rolled into one little package.  It is a bit pricey and comes in little bitty blister packages to keep the air out.  It can attach to wood, metal, rocks, plastic, rubber, glass, paper, and almost everything, except air and water.

Aunty will update in another post in the future, but wanted you all to know about an awesome sale that they are having this week – 40% off, eeeeYOWZA, that’s a sale!  Use the savings code “10millionfixes” to save during this flash sale.

Here’s the link to the sale: 2016-09-25_14-21-36

If you do use Sugru, please share how you use it with the nice folks over there as well as with Aunty.  Meanwhile, here is a very short fast video that will give you an inkling of Sugru’s potential:

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