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Super flush

2013-03-31_18-15-46Thanks to neighbor Louise for this super duper tip to body flushing.  You know that the naturopathic  healers ALL stress how important it is to cleanse your bowels and it is very true.

However, this isn’t all that natural because it involves 7-Up, so I am not filing this under “Natural Health”.

I didn’t get the exact formula, but I think you can make up proportions to taste.  She rolled her eyes when she said it works, so it must really have worked for her mom.

Prune juice (sweetened will go down better) and 7-Up, heated up slightly, but not too much.

That’s it!  Probably acts like Drano in the intestines.  I would let you know how it works on me but I’ll have to wait until I am constipated.  If you try it, let me know how it works.  Validation on this therapy would help.

Update:  TaiChi friend Helen gave me an even easier flush recipe:  3 prunes eaten with Sprite.  Makes her go within the hour. [side note: I’ve found the best prunes are from Trader Joe’s. Not too dried up, not too wet, but just right.]

With such great information and formulas, it almost makes me wish I was constipated to test it out, lol.

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