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Take you back

See you this Sunday?

See you this Sunday?

There is a song called the Molokai Slide with the lyrics, “Take me back, (take me back), back to da kine…..” that the following film reminded me of.  Nostalgia for those days gone by when Hawaii was more for real than now.

This was put together by a talented George Mihal (dunno who that is) and is actually color footage from 1959-1960, which is unusual for that time era since we didn’t even have color tv yet!

I kept imagining what I was doing or if I saw that parade or knew of anyone in the crowd.  I must have been 7 or 8 years old, growing up in Palolo and about 8 minutes in, a fantastic little local parade of monks and dressed up little kids and lots of Japanese people congregated for what looks like the grand opening of the new Palolo Hongwanji Temple – was I even there?  Maybe!  Maybe not. But that was kinda neat!

We lived in simpler times.  We did not have the opportunities then that we have now, but still, it was such a wonderful place to grow up with “the tropical moon and the lazy palm trees” and the smiles, the luaus by the sea, mo’ bettah da kine.

When you have about 20 minutes, try watch the video.  Let me know if you spock yourself in it or somebody you know. Some of those Palolo priests were super young looking back then, and now they must be kinda really old.

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Aunty is a new senior citizen and loving this phase of her life. Less responsibilities, less fear of being weird, able to do more of the things that I want to do! Older, yes, slower, yes, but life is even more wonderful in my golden years and I look forward to even goldener ones.

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  • Musings

    Going a little nuts over here. Too much to do. I have to come back to see this video. Sounds like a LOT of fun. Wow! Is it hot by you? Steamy over here.

    • Aunty

      Hot, but I have my air conditioning (spoiled). I saw a portable unit at Lowe’s for $289. I thought that was quite a deal but it was too heavy for me to lug into my car. My daughter’s place is super hot and I thought she might appreciate some cool air.


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